Saturday, January 25, 2014

Frozen Birthday Party




Natalie is SEVEN! Little Miss is in love with all things song and dance, and though she professes her love for pop music, is a big fan of Disney still. Which is why she loved Frozen when her grandparents took her and promptly requested a Frozen party. We brainstormed ideas, and basically had a snowflake and snowman themed party. We had some Frozen music playing all throughout, and a dance party to the music.

I was all set to go buy out Walmart and Target’s snowflake themed Christmas items on clearance- but the snowpocalypse and polar vortex kept us inside for a week. We made invitations and decorations instead.



These huge snowflakes are all over pinterest, here’s a good tutorial to check out. They are huge and once you make one the others go fast.


I also used some blue wrapping paper to make huge snowflakes. We wrapped white tinsel around styrofoam trees, then stuck cut out snowflakes around it (accent essentials snowflake design, 1 1/4 inches on glitter cardstock from dcwv).


For tables I put blue snowflake wrapping paper and “Let it snow” wrapping paper as the table cloth. For plates and cups Natalie picked out silver and white damask patterned from the dollar store. I made a round cake with blue frosting, and tried to pipe white chocolate chips into snowflakes. Bad idea. The white chocolate is so drippy when hot, and is the right temperature for piping for about 1 minute, then it cools down enough to harden in the bag. I would suggest a snowflake mold for white chocolate, or maybe blue rock candy or just do a classic sugar frost over the frosting to make it sparkly.




For games we tried to pick up mini marshmallows with straws, danced to the Frozen soundtrack with white tinsel as a dancing ribbon. The girls made themselves accessories too from the tinsel.



We had a snowball fight with plastic snowballs- Target bags made into 4 inch pom poms. Tutorial found here.

They used toilet paper to make each other into snowman, racing to wrap their partner and put hat/gloves/etc on. We also did classic games like pictionary, musical chairs and keep the balloon off the floor, plus opening presents.

Other ideas we decided not to do- Pin the carrot on Olaf, pillowcase races in white pillowcases (hop like Olaf who has no legs) and making ice palaces out of sugar cubes.


Do you want to build a Snowman?

I made baking soda clay before the party. It was a big flop- it’s very crumbly and requires lots of patience to mold- kind of a moon-sand like consistency. Next time I’ll stick with salt dough. The girls were supposed to make snowman sculptures to take home but instead made a huge mess. Live and learn I guess. I was so glad the table cloth was wrapping paper and I could throw it all away in two seconds at the end of the party!


We had cake and skipped the ice cream (making snowman out of ice cream would have been cute- but my kids got into the ice cream a day before the party so we didn’t have enough! Stinkers!)


For favors the girls were supposed to take home their sculptures, but instead took a bag of crumbly clay home, and their dancing tinsel. IMG_3581

We also made each girl felt hair clips with a sequin as instructed on Spoonful (pdf link), It was kind of tricky cutting out felt, I recommend the stiff felt. We hot glued all the layers together. 


and some hot cocoa mix in a decorated baby food jar. My parents make a powdered specialty mix every year and package it up as gifts. We put French Vanilla in the baby food jars, my parents love doing hazelnut coffee creamer or peppermint.


We had a great time. Natalie is one of my joys and I sure love having her heart full of song by my side all the time!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

American Girl Party

Sophia turned NINE this past Saturday, nine years old on the Ninth. She is growing up into a smart, sweet, funny, loving, determined, lanky kid. I am so glad she’s in our family.

Over the past two years Sophia has devoured American Girl books, moving from the traditional stories to the mysteries. Once she and her sister realized that the dolls collecting dust in their closet (Grandma had given them years ago) were meant to be played with as a mini me to make projects for (rather than a baby doll to be cuddled), they have been creating mini books, beds, parties, etc for their dolls. So it was only natural we had an American Girl party and celebrated her love of all things miniature and historical (while she still thought it was cool).


Sophia over the last few weeks with her doll, Caroline, her favorite American Girl. Sophia was Caroline for Halloween and she dressed her doll up as Inkpot, Caroline’s black cat in the books.

We made some invitations over fall break, gluing on metal star confetti (white elmers glue worked ok to keep them on)  and using stickers from a sticker pad from Michael’s.


To decorate I pulled out all my pink and purple and silver pom poms, and my girly scrapbook banner (basically cut up a girly themed dcwv book and made a banner years ago, that works for any floral or girly type pastel colored party).I made a master star page, printed out on dark pink/ light pink/beige cardstock, then we cut all the stars out. I sewed the small stars into a garland, sewing right down the middle of the paper. We just punched holes in the large stars and hung with thread.


At the party we had the girls arrive and make a mini dining set for their dolls- they decorated a construction paper place mat with more stickers, had a 1/4 of a normal napkin folded up, a mini paper plate, and painted the inside of a shot cup to look like liquicd, with a cut straw in it.  


Next we used sculpey clay in red, pink, and various shades of brown and white to make play food  (pretzels, cupcakes, cookies, cake balls, candies, etc). The girls really started brainstorming once they did a few pieces, then they were out of clay. 5 packets of sculpey clay for 8 kids ended up being not enough. If I did a similar craft again I’d used salt dough or try out homemade sculpey/fimo to make tons of cheap dough and dye it so there'd be no size/quantity limit. We baked the sculpey for 15 mins at 275 degrees per instructions. Or you could cut things out of foam and glue/color, but I liked the sculpting aspect and how realistic it could look if done right.


While the sculpey baked the girls made sleeping bags for their dolls. I cut out fleece in 24 by 30, folded in half to be 15 by 24, then put 3 or 4 inch slits on the open side and bottom. The girls tied the slips together. It was a great craft- easy to prep, easy to explain, only a few girls needed help. And then they had a sleeping bag for their girls.  You could also do pillows or simple doll clothes- scarf, poncho,or blankets


Then we went outside for some games. The girls played Statues- the sculptor spun each girl around and they struck a pose, then she picked her favorite, who became the new sculptor. We played until everyone got a turn, the poses getting sillier with each round.



Next we played missionary tag, where the girls are in pairs, and one chaser has to get another girl, who escapes by linking arms with a pair. The girl on the other side of the pair lets go and is the new person being chased.


We also tried to walk with apples balanced on their heads and in between pairs foreheads.


Next we came inside for hot chocolate with whipped cream (polar express hot chocolate from scratch in the crockpot, so yummy!) and cupcakes and gingerbread cookies. We made mini ones for our dolls, but they ate them up. I borrowed some china from a friend with a large set of white and gold plates, and I bought some white mugs at goodwill, which was only a few bucks more then buying disposable, and now we have tons of hot cocoa mugs I don’t mind if they break.


We sang to Sophia and opened presents and then the party was done! (Can you tell she’s an introvert, looking glum because all the attention is on her as everyone sings!). The girls took home their mini place setting, a sheet of stickers, their play food, sleeping bag and mini hat for the doll.  We’re thankful for all her friends that could come and make it a special day!


Hooray for smart, fun, amazing girls and their mini me dolls!

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