Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Natalie’s Tangled Party


Natalie celebrated her 6th birthday on Saturday. We went with a tangled theme. Nothing I did was revolutionary, but I thought I’d blog about it, and if anybody in the area wants to borrow my d├ęcor or games you’re welcome to it.  I decorated with purple pom poms, yellow streamers, a sun flag banner and vellum lanterns ( vellum painted with the star, wrapped around mason or spaghetti jars).

We started off with drawing on the walls like Rapunzel in the movie. (Dollar store wrapping paper)




We took some pics in the photo booth. I made a huge wig of blonde hair for the girls to pose with. Some loved it, some were scared of it. I’m still untangling it.


We tossed some apple bean bags to Maximus, tangled each other up in streamers (Girls favorite game by far)


We panned Flynn Rider with blindfolds on (oops no pics!), And danced with streamers to the Tangled songs.



We made scores of lanterns from vellum and purple construction paper.


The girls ate cinnamon roll and cheesy Italian bread braids. Natalie loved the donut tower.


The girls went home with satchels, chameleon party blowers and some felt and silky flower clips. Plus their lanterns and dance streamers.

All in all, it was a great party, and I was proud of myself for doing it in less than 2 weeks. Hooray for Tangled!

Sophia’s Owl Party


Sophia’s turned 8 in November, and I’m finally coming around to blogging about it. We had a Night Owl party, all her 2nd game friends came over and we partied until 9 pm. So laaaate.


We stuck owls all over. And made a owl cake that is un naturally pink.


The birthday girl balloon and owl plates (from walmart of all places!)


For games we tossed around a soccer ball with questions on it (What’s your biggest dream? Is Justin Bieber cute? etc)



Grandma stayed and played with Leo. We decorated bags with owls to put our treasure hunt in.



We ran outside to find candy and glow sticks that I’d scattered outside. Sophia blew out the cake.


I had sewn up spa masks for everyone, we decorated with felt stickers.


And the girls promptly fell asleep, lol.


They kept their spa masks on and played Marco polo, then had a rousing game of “Down by the Banks” frog song. Leo “slept” through it all.

Last but not least, the girls went home with fleece owls. I spent a week sewing em up, and had some extras for the other cousins.


And that was day 1 of Sophia’s weekend of birthday fun. Loved having these girls to party with (almost) all night long!

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