Saturday, January 16, 2010

Natalie's Birthday Party: Part 1: Rainbow Playdoh

Natalie's Birthday Party was this morning. She'll be 3 on monday. It was fun to celebrate this little sassy thing. She's very into princesses and everything pink, but I thought it would be fun to do a multicolored playdoh party- a rainbow playdoh one.

Here's the invitation I did....

And here's some of the decorations we put all over the house- the usual balloons and pom poms, but I added polka dots on the walls and a rainbow birthday banner (more on that in post 2, the cricut post)

The main event was of course- Playdoh! I made up a quadruple batch of playdoh and divided it up into 6 sections. Each got a packet of kool-aid- so they were bright AND they smelled good.

Then when we were all playdoh'ed out, we played balloon games

Rainbow Duck Duck Goose- instead of saying Duck, they had to say the name of the person's balloon, and instead of Goose- RAINBOW! It was a good exercise for them to remember their colors.

Balloon Freeze Dance- when the music stops, everyone gets a balloon, and I call out a color. If you have it, you're a winner! Then you do it 10 more times so everyone's a winner!

Oh, and I forgot to get a picture of the rolling pins. If you look in the corner of the playdoh picture of little Isaac, you can see a peanut butter container with a strip of paper inside.

I had the kids color on the paper as they arrived, then stick it inside the peanut butter jar to be their rolling pin. Great idea, worked a little bit, but everyone forgot theirs, or said they didn't want them.
A better idea would be to cut up pvc pipe or thick wooden dowel rods and paint them ahead of time. They would be more effective rolling pins.
Last but not least, we had cake and jello!
Birthday Girl blowing out her candles...
For the cake we did a white cake mix, divided up into three sections and dyed into three colors. Then I did the layers of icing in the other colors, so it ended up as a rainbow cake.
And I did it. I conquered rainbow jello. 6 flavors, all morning of stopping in the kitchen every half hour, mixing and layering. I quickly learned to make sure the layer in the fridge was all the way set before adding another layer, and making sure the layer to add was not hot at all. I used sour cream for the creamy layers, but another mom said ice cream mixed in cools it down and adds some more flavor. But oh MAN it was good.
The next post will be favors and a birthday banner, which awesomeness is courtesy of my new cricut...

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Love all the rainbow stuff! (and I am addicted to my cricut too!)

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