Thursday, August 13, 2015

Camp Space- Blank Space YW Camp Parody

At camp the oldest Youth Leaders and I did a camp skit where the leader spoke only in Taylor Swift lyric parodies. It was fun to write a character like that, and while doing that I came up with this song. The leaders sang it at the opening program and acted it out. It really set the tone for camp seeing leaders be ridiculous and crazy.

Don't these pics make you want to get out of your seat and yell the lyrics???

Camp Parody "Camp Space"    (Taylor Swift "Blank Space" tune)
Lyrics adapted by Jacki Daley, Indianapolis West Stake YW Camp

[Verse 1]
Nice to meet you
Where you from?
We planned an incredible camp
Music, laughter, heaven, friends
Saw you coming and I thought oh my gosh
Look at that face, you smell so good today
Camps so fun, wanna coooome?
Tents, canoes,   swim in our stream              
  You’ll need scriptures not magazines            
  Build a fire, make some crafts,
And I know you might be scared
So hey, you’ll make friends
We never want to see girls camp end
Grab your sunscreen and bug spray
I could make the prissy girls tough for a few days

Camp's gonna be forever
And might be hot as flames
You can tell me when it's over
If the hike was worth the pain
Got a long list of ex-campers
They'll tell you it’s insane
Cause you know I love the campers
And you love GIRL’S CAMP

[Chorus] - LEADERS
Cause we're spiritual and we're funny
We'll take the theme too far
We’ll sing till you’re breathless
Go home with a nasty scar
Got a long list of ex-campers
They'll tell you it’s insane
But I got a blank form baby-
And I'll write your name

[Verse 2]
Beautiful trees
Starry skies
Gather round the campfire ring
No phones allowed, you’ll be fine
Do your chores baby and camp stays clean
Free time you’ll pick what you want
Lock up your treats super tight
Or you’ll have raccoons at night
Oh no!!!
Screaming, crying, be kindness shown
Leave the girl drama back at home
Rocks and woods filled with thorns
Wear your shoes so you keep your toes
What to wear to camp today?
Dress and act modestly
After lights out, don’t get up and leave
Cause then I’ll be a nightmare dressed as a daydream

Chorus again

Poison Ivy’s leaves of 3 is pure torture
Don't say I didn't say I didn't warn you
Poison Ivy’s leaves of 3 is pure torture
Don't say I didn't say I didn't warn you


To Eternity and Beyond: Outer Space Young Women Camp

Our theme for Young Women camp this year was "To Eternity and Beyond!" We had lots of outer space, rockets, star wars, stars and galaxy print. 

Here's some shots of things related to the theme, or innovations this year. 

Our levels were- Estrela de Esperanca, Celestial 2nd Years, Cosmic Cuties, Supernovas, the Resistance to the Empire, and the stake leaders called themselves "Galactic Guides" 

When the Bishops visited they fought with light sabers while singing Primary songs, found martian rocks, wore martian headbands, and threw hula hoop rings on paper lantern Saturn.

Crafts made galaxy pillowcases. White pillowcases were sprayed with dye and flicked with white paint.  They also did some beaded bracelets with sun, moon,  and star charms.

Our PVC specialist made a misting station to sit outside Archery and the shooting range. 

Sister cope also made a photo booth, with pvc pipe, complete with trampoline to look like you're floating in space/

I ordered nylon backpacks for the young women, from, they came less than $1.00 a piece. We had a leader serge the inside side seams so they were more durable. Girls wrote on them in Metallic sharpie to label their name. We also have schedule books and the girls had the option of a lanyard or safety pin.

We had some existing billboards from the Scouts so we attached fabric signs and a huge wall of Christmas lights and draped fabric to wood to hang over. At night it looked awesome.

At the lake the aquatics director had built a pvc square with metal pit for a fire on the lake. We swam to get marshmallow skewers, roasted marshmallows, then had to swim back for s'mores. It was hilarious. The 4th years had their sharing meeting around the campfire in the water. 

Did I mention the stand up paddleboards? That's me trying not to fall on my face in the water. Or the shooting range and archery? Favorite things about the camp.

I was kind of excited about decorations this year. From the Christmas lights and fabric banners, to my directions signs. I was so excited to make this craft- maybe because it made sense with a journey theme, or because I love the Flock of Signs exhibit at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, and I just love having one more thing to make camp fun and witty. 

In the Mess Hall there was the photo booth, black banners with stars with every campers names, paper lanterns, and mini galaxys- weird mixture of goo in jars in green,purple, blue. Also, martian rocks. 

Roberta here hand painted galaxy shirts for her level leaders and youth leaders, and took a chipotle hat and made it into a galaxy hat. We also had a great youth leader artist who came up with our shirt, of a girl on Saturn watching a rocket go by. And the youth leaders get bandanas every year corresponding to the theme, star wars fabric made it really easy!

I tried to ramp up awards this year. Creepy clown came to your campsite if it was super messy.

 Songbirds were given the hat full of birds and flowers(all from dollar store), and Yoda came to clean or reverent groups, and the Torch went to a group that stood out in some way.

A big project for me this year was these necklaces. I originally wanted a ;map activity. Which morphed into a new prize every day. And that morphed into a scavenger hunt with space trivia. Then all the trivia answer cards flew away or fell off their spots. There were a lot of things I'd do differently next year if I want a similar activity. In the end, I spent $130 on some awesome necklaces for the young women to remember what they'd learned. I love the large charm "Love Beyond the Moon and Stars" 

I bought some metal stamps, sets of 100 planets, lots of split rings, arrows, blank discs, the large Love beyond...charm and lots of bead chain and connectors.

Besides all these fun things, we did a lot of spiritual stuff, as seen in my last post. I still pinch myself that I get to have such a fun calling. Hooray for camp! 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

To Eternity and Beyond! Outer Space Young Women Camp

This year at Young Women Camp, we went to outer space. And it was SPECTACULAR!

I've got two blog posts in the works- this one that explains our spiritual things, and one that explains all the fun stuff.

Our theme was "To Eternity and Beyond!"  I based my daily themes on President Uchtdorf's talk, Your Wonderful Journey Home.  

Our theme scripture was John 14: 5-6

5 Thomas saith unto him, Lord, we know not whither thou goest; and how can we know the way?
6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

Tuesday-  Welcome Eternal Earthlings!
Doctrine- We existed with God, He knows us, we are literally His daughters and can be like him. We came to earth to gain a body, and are now separate from God, physically and spiritually. The earth and our bodies are amazing creations, and we should treat them with respect and love.

Genesis 1:26-27 And God said, Let us make man in our image , after our likeness : and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

Campwide Devotional- On this day I did a devotional about our bodies, how they were created in the image of God, and everyday implications of understanding and believing our bodies can be godlike. I 

Evening Activity- We did get to know you games (mafia, fruit basket, etc) and an astronomy lesson after sunset for our evening activities

Wednesday- Rocket Fuel

Doctrine- The Laws of God are eternal. As we learn about them, make covenants and follow eternal laws, we gain power and knowledge. The temple is a sacred place where we can feel God's presence and combine our forces with Heavenly Fathers through covenant. Obedience brings fuel to rise to our potential.

D&C 84:20-Therefore, in the ordinances thereof, the power of godliness is manifest

D&C 130:20-21-There is a law, irrevocably decreed in heaven before the foundations of this world, upon which all blessings are predicated—and when we obtain any blessing from God, it is by obedience to that law upon which it is predicated”

Campwide Devotional- Jill did a devotional about the temple, talking about the power of covenants mixed with the power of obedience. She had a few young women share experiences with the temple open house that just happened in our area (Indianapolis). A young woman dropped mentos into a diet coke to talk about the explosion of power when you mix obedience and god's power. 

Evening Activity- The youth leaders set up a faith walk, with stations that correlated to parts of Nephi's vision of the Tree of Life. All the girls held onto a rope to represent the iron rod, and went from station to station- Iron Rod, great and spacious building, midsts of darkness, the tree. They were given little glittered pear cut outs with a scripture on the back. 

Thursday- Flight Plan
Doctrine- Heavenly Father and the scriptures are the eternal perspective that help us see the big picture and guide us in the right direction. Even though we are small among the universe, He is mindful of us.

John 14: 26 But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.

Campwide Devotional-A member of the stake YW presidency talked about President Uchtdorf's questions from his talk- Where are you going? Are you going the right way? etc. and talked about hard things in our life, and where we look for help. 

Evening Activity-The Bishops were visiting, so we had games for them. First, at dinner they had to act out different scenarios- girls putting on makeup, getting dressed, at dances, etc. Then for the activity we had skits and silly songs, and the bishops had some challenges. They fought with light sabers while singing Primary songs. They had to find 3 eyed martian rocks in the grass. They had to toss Saturn's rings hula hoops onto lanterns. And wear martian head bands. They give a mini devotional with the young women in their wards and have treats. 

Friday- Watch Out! Meteors and Black Holes

Doctrine- During our life we will experience pain and trials- some like meteors that are beyond our control, some things like black holes that we must avoid or steer clear and stay away. But the Atonement can repair damage and make you whole and give you additional power.

D&C 122:5-8 All these things shall give thee experience and shall be for thy good
Alma 13:28- Watch and pray continually, that you may not be tempted above that which you can bear
Isaiah 53:5 With his stripes we are healed

Evening Activity- Testimony meeting

Campwide Devotional- The Stake YW president talked about protecting ourselves in space- suit that protects and monitors our heart, gloves, helmet. And how we have to put on gloves of service not boxing gloves, to interact with others who think differently than we do. She spoke about same-sex attraction and the current counsel from church leaders, these girls may be experiencing it themselves or have close friends who they don't want to be unkind in their friendship. 

Saturday- To Eternity and Beyond!
Doctrine- We will be resurrected and reunited again. We can live with Heavenly Father and gain all that He has. Our bodies can be perfected through the resurrection. We can get feel a little bit of that glory and light in the temple.

D&C 93: 28 He that keepeth his commandments receiveth truth and light, until he is glorified in truth and knoweth all things.
Alma 11:43 The spirit and the body shall be reunited again in its perfect form; both limb and joint shall be restored to its proper frame, even as we now are at this time; and we shall be brought to stand before God, knowing even as we know now, and have a bright recollection of all our guilt.

Campwide devotional-    I reviewed the teachings of the week and talked about how Christ and his power are ETERNAL- and pointed to my poster (above) with the role of Christ in our lives, and spoke about how each of those things are without end. 

Especially for Camp-
Our stake YW presidency hold a workshop that the yw rotate through in levels. This year the leaders dressed up as secret agents with the CIA- Celestial Intelligence Agency, and talked about being intelligent in fighting evil. As always, we went over CAMP -how to bear your Testimony (to the tune of YMCA) - Christ centered, Attitude (Positive), Mind your Minutes, Prayer and Preparation. 

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