Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Wreck this Journal: Calendar Style

Have you seen those immensely popular Wreck this Journal series? It's basically a huge journal with prompts of all kinds of ways to draw, glue, manipulate, soak, change, the journal. Prompts are things like....Write 4 letter words here. Give to a friend and have them decorate this page. Fill with your dryer lint. Draw circles all over. Etc etc. It's a great idea for artistic creative teens. I'm kind of wishing I had one myself. 

So I needed a gift from my 7 year old to my 10 year old. They are both artistic and LOVE anything that involves glue and art supplies. The 10 year old is also super into calendars and planning every day of the week with something to do so she doesn't get bored (it's genetic this tendency, I do the same thing)!

So I thought of making her a coloring page calendar, but she's way past coloring, she loves to create the scene and collage away, so we came up with 12 months of artistic activities. Here they are in backwards order: 

Make the coolest Christmas tree ever! 
Draw the best birthday ever!
Leaf rubbings
Draw a cartoon of your day
Fruit Stickers!
Fill the page with Magazine words
Make a summer collage!
Glue pressed flowers here!
Water color these flowers (flowers drawn above)
Draw a march scene using one line
Things you love go here
Cover this page with snowflakes and a winter scene.

We made up a calendar in Microsoft Publisher's calendar wizard (I may be the only person on the planet to still use that program).

 I wanted it to be from her sister,  I had Natalie write the prompts on the backs of  each month. I kind of forgot about the allowance for binding, so it ended up being calendar on top, picture space on bottom. 

We bound it with my bind it all, but you could do it at an office supply store for a few bucks. 

I plan on picking out seasonal looking  an array of scrapbook papers with different textures and a glue stick  to include in the package, so it's more of a kit. 

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