Monday, December 13, 2010

The post where I've sold my soul to corporate...for a few dozen photo cards.

On my to do list this year- Family Calendar and Christmas Cards.

Every year I do a family calendar. It’s pretty much the best present ever. Don’t you just want a whole year worth of pics of your cute family? I testify- they make grandparents melt. Aunts and Uncles can’t help but smile. And the kids remember the names of their cousins across the country. And you don't have to beat yourself up for taking 2000 pictures this year but not printing off or scrapping any of them. Done!

Shutterfly is offering them buy one get one 50 percent off. You should check it out.

Love the pics on the kids' birthdays! So cute!

I usually make my family calendar at home- but if you don't have all the tools, Shutterfly makes it easy. I just might order the little ones- they're so stinkin cute!

Shutterfly Christmas cards center also has a myriad of photo collage cards, folded cards, classic one picture cards.

Not to mention photo gifts, like these:

One of the things I have yet to attempt is cute Christmas cards. The gulf between the ideas in my head and what’s cute is huge. And not worth the effort to learn photoshop for Christmas Cards. I've not done them in the last 3 years- even though we've had two babies and two moves. Actually, it's more like ...I haven't done cards because we've had those life events. They'll even stamp and mail for you- or just give ya free shipping over 50 dollars!

Well excuses no longer. I just have to find the time to narrow down from hundreds to a perfect card...Here are some cards that caught my eye...

This post is part of Shutterfly's promotion to get 50 free photo cards- for blogging about what you like on their site and your experience with them. Wanna get a christmas card from my cute family? Message me your address! jacki daley at gmail dot com

Friday, December 3, 2010

Things I learned on my trip to the East

Last post about my trip, I promise. Here are some new things I learned while on our trip…

1. I’m becoming my mother. This isn’t really anything new, but I used to hate how she’d bring bags of random stuff to do during car rides. This trip, I had 3 little bags of random crafts, books or things to do. On the trip, I made the felt hair bow below. And about 15 other bows/flowers/hair things for Holly’s baby.


2. My husband is incredibly patient and kind. Also, he puts up with me taking endless pictures. He can handle roughing it. Like at Valley Forge, he was so comfortable.


3. The Hampton Inn is awesome. We really value cool things like different pictures for each room plate and breakfast that includes huge bowls of fresh fruit. And new shampoo everyday we’re there. The new Holiday Inns are nice (green beds below). But not as nice as Hampton Inn. Also, Marriott charges you for EVERYTHING. 3 star really means “we expect you to be rich enough to pay 12 dollars for eggs and toast and to pay for Internet daily”

IMG_8528 IMG_9841

4. When we weren’t staying in the Hampton, we didn’t have Continental breakfast, we had miniwheats. In hotel glasses. But we forgot the spoons. I consider this roughing it. John thinks I’m a wimp. But fingers into your milk cereal- I get the shivers just thinking about it.


5. I learned that Carrie can do back flips off her boyfriend’s shoulders. Talented. No wonder she got into BYU. Speaking of swimming, if you have a hotel with a pool, you should probably bring hairstyling products on your trip (what was I thinking? I’ll just use my sisters!)

6. No matter how  late you get into a hotel, it will take your kids 2 hours to wind down and fall asleep. This time usually includes examining themselves in the closet mirror, jumping from bed to bed until someone gets hurt, and acting like a fancy princess with glass cups. And trying endlessly to be able to stand on the fabric luggage rack.


6.State Farm has a loose interpretation of “Free.”  IMG_8537

7. Kids are incredibly resilient to occupy themselves in the car. (Yes that’s Natalie’s coat on her legs.). Also, a lap desk from Big Lots was a great pre-trip purchase. Coloring, puzzles, toys, snacks….all had a place to be. Also, a breast pump is essential to traveling with a baby.


7. My kids have no shame. Like the time we had to pull over on the highway because they were about to pee their pants. And they went “like doggies.”


8. If Dinner takes too long to be on the table, John takes things into his own hands.










9. The south will rise again. Well, at least I think this guy thinks it will.


10. Your kids are pretty much Will Ferrell in Elf. All of New York and he likes the spinning doors and Christmas decorations. My kids would have spent hours in the spinning doors into the hotel. And the escalators were Sophia’s favorite part of the Aquarium. Next time, we’re not doing the 20 dollar tickets. Pet store at the mall, same difference to her apparently.

11. I already knew it, but I discovered it again- I like my family. When it’s just us in the car, hanging out, we have a lot of fun together.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Maryland- Leo’s Photo Shoot and the Big Slide and Formal Pictures

We bought some pretty red dresses and sat in a family portrait all together.

IMG_8562 IMG_8564 

Carrie was there- with feathers in her hair. Sounds like a beatles song to me.


So was my mom. Yes, Sophia really does walk like that- everywhere she goes.


We bought some pretzels down the street at my favorite place and saw the Grinch. Scary.


Then we went home and went to the real fun: The Big Slide. Rocky Ridge, Maryland. In between Frederick and Gettysburg.

IMG_9670 IMG_9671



Whee! You have to focus on keeping your feet straight in front of you- so you don’t end up backwards.

We had Leo all bundled up. 

IMG_9675  IMG_9679

Bundled up+ fun scenery= Photo shoot.

IMG_9692 IMG_9696

Yes Grandpa ?                                                               Hmm…what’s this rock doing….


The Big Slide is owned by a local church. They have an outdoor stage. Painted red. Bright Red- no photo shopping to add brightness.

IMG_9705 IMG_9706 IMG_9709 

 IMG_9717 IMG_9718

Starting to lean….and he’s going down….


Grandpa was there too.



      IMG_9708 IMG_9715


Hey Guys, What’s up?


They also had some archaic dangerous playground equipment. It would creak in the wind. Cue creepy playground horror music.



This is how most people recognize my dad. Sports Coat and huge camera in front of his face.



John was our human electricity. The kids think he’s Spiderman.

IMG_9823 IMG_9773  

John says “There’s no extra charge for awesomeness, or attractiveness.” -Po


I played with shutter speed a little bit while John spun us around at warp speed.


Losing your lunch? My Dad almost lost his.


Don’t worry, nothing a diet Dr. Pepper didn’t fix. My girls on the other hand thought it was amazing.

IMG_9808 IMG_9819

Hooray for big slides and bright red benches!

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