Thursday, December 2, 2010

More of Philadelphia and the Aquarium

  And the snapshots of the City of Brotherly Love continue…



Market Street National Bank. First Building I’ve ever seen with Bling on it.

The day we drove to Maryland I stopped by City Hall to take some pictures of it and the surrounding buildings.

IMG_8337-1 IMG_8353-1  


This picture is evidence that I’ve been known to lean out of car windows to get great shots. Well, great if the car window wasn’t in the way.



The Masonic Temple. Apparently they hold tours? Definitely a must see for a longer trip.


Look! A huge clothespin! Whaaat?


Next up on our trip: The Baltimore Aquarium.

Oooo…Inner Harbor…so pretty….



Sophia danced with the pigeons while John bought tickets…



Hey Look! It’s Leo in a great backpack they provide since they have no way to push a stroller up all the escalators!


Look Mom! A bird. Doesn’t excite me at all.


But Bubble fish faces? Now that’s hilarious.

2010-11 November

Jellyfish were my favorite part. Partially because they are so alien like. And better lighting for picture taking.

Hooray for lovely buildings and fish! (Wow, that’s random.)

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