Wednesday, December 1, 2010

En route to Philly…

We went on a Thanksgiving trip to Philadelphia and Maryland. Here’s some pictures from the trip there.


We drove to Columbus on Friday night, then onto Harrisburg on Saturday. We made an important stop on Friday- Wheeling West Virginia. A.k.a, Cabella’s.


IMG_8110 IMG_8112

My girls amused a fellow shopper with their growling sound effects. We also found a giant’s camping chair. Who buys these things, I mean really? Other than Gandalf.


In Harrisburg our hotel had awesome Hershey’s chocolate prints. The Wyndham garden suites were pretty nice. I’m still bummed we didn’t get a chance to go to Hersheypark when we were so close. Next time kids, next time!


While in Harrisburg we discovered the wonders of shower caps and how Sophia loves showers but not getting her hair wet. And Leo is cute as always, even though he’d been in his car seat forever.


On Sunday we got to Holly’s house and went to Valley Forge (Where George Washington wintered during the Revolutionary war…or something).

IMG_8143 IMG_8144

Uncle Braden wishes he was a cabin builder. “Ughm these logs are a lot heavier than my normal dental tools…” (j/k Braden, we love you!)



And John found his true calling as a Pioneer man. He usually gives me this look when I try to take a picture of him….for once it fits the setting!

Hooray for Valley Forge and Cabellas!

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