Monday, February 8, 2010

The SPARKLY Dress Tutorial.

A good dress up is hard to find. Am I right Ladies?

(Insert picture of nasty dress up here-

oh wait, I refuse to take pictures of my kids in them!)

I have a whole list of things I hate in dress ups:
  • Zippers. Buttons. Velcro. Good in some things, don't like them in dress ups.
  • Nylon or Polyester stretchy fabric that gets snags and runs.

  • Dresses that fall off the shoulders (Sleeping beauty ones!) and are too short (most halloween costumes show off the booty), or have no sleeves (cold!)

  • Itchy fabrics or ones with no lining- with one kid with exzema and another that is tactile sensitive (as in, soooo senstive, she hated jeans until she was 4 because they had big seams, and won't wear socks with deocrations because they touch her other leg)
So in short, I like elastic, roomy dresses with good construction and linings. To buy- at least 30 dollars.

So I made some sparkly dresses last week. With elastic neck and waistband. With sleeves, and knee length, and extra fabric in the waist. For full spinning effects.

They look like this. I also took pictures the whole time. So if you go here to my picasaweb folder, you can see the tutorial by pictures, with explanations by captions. I have it sized to 5 T and is a little loose but would fit as small as a 2T. I have no idea what size to make it for smaller baby sizes. Sorry.

Here it is: Sparkly Dress Tutorial.

For one dress, you need about 2/3 of a yard of bodice fabric (my sparkly fabric shown here), and between 2/3 to 1 yard of skirt fabric. Can be the same fabric, or different. Whatever style you want. Also, one package of 1/4 inch elastic.

For this purple dress I used flannel backed silky fabric for the skirt- it is pretty awesome to sew with. So if you see that in the fabric store, it's worth the extra couple bucks.

A spinning shot

Have fun!

A back shot

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Robnz Fam said...

I love how crafty you are. It is so inspiring to me! Thanks for the link. I'm excited to keep up on your family now! I can't believe how big your daughter's are. Natalie was just a baby when you left!

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