Monday, February 8, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Valentine's Day...

Some of the things we were up to on our Valentine's Decorating days last week...

A heart garland as shown on Martha Stewart, Valentine's Day Garland.

It includes a pdf pattern, the hearts are nesting so there's less waste. Sticking the bottom of the hearts back together works best with scotch tape over both pieces, then flipped to the wall so nobody sees.

Some hanging paper hearts, as seen on my girl Carrie's tutorial here, and the single strip hearts are made by curling the round part inside around a pencil, then stapling together on the inside. I stuck some extras over the front doorway and the office.

Gummy Hearts, as instructed here on Skip to my Lou, Gummy Candy
(We used heart ice cube molds from target. The gummy candy is ok, the cherry flavors definately have more flavor than the lime ones we made)

Heart Clips! As inspired by Dana at Made It.

For the Kitchen....I made a conversation heart garland. With the cricut. But of course.

Phrases I used: UR A star, Honey Bun, I love you, For Cute, Good Un (its an inside joke with John and I) X0X0, Cutie Pie, Baby Love, Little Hug, Little Kiss, Big Hug, Big Kiss (like from Nacho Libre)

As I was glueing the letters I thought of even better Babe-a-licious and Hot Stuff, Mama's Boy, Daddy's Girl, Kiss Me U Fool, and Wink Wink. Oh well, maybe next year.

I've seen all kinds of things Conversation heart themed this year...shirts, hair clips, cupcakes, clay necklaces, the list goes on...

Last but not least, I went nuts with the food dye and our Sunday breakfast. Neon Pancakes!

Pancakes just taste better in Technicolor.


Shelly Beth said...

WOAH! You are awesome. Is the food dye just food coloring? You have totally inspired me to do Valentine's things all week. What fun - I am totally copying all your stuff. I did get a gelatin heart recipe from The Friend for February and got the ingredients today. I like the idea of a heart ice cube tray though! Less waste!

Carrie said...

DAAAANG, girl! you've been busy! i love that martha stewart heart garland! and the colorful pancakes? i bet your girls LOVED those.

i've made one little doily garland and only ONE of the hearts i made last year. i WILL do more. all of my supplies have been sitting out for weeks. i just can't get myself to do it. i need to follow your lead. your house looks so cute and festive!

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