Friday, April 29, 2011

W is for…

Wheat grass jars (baby food jars with metallic sharpie to draw faces) IMG_0393

and wind in your face 

IMG_0394 IMG_0398

W is for water cycle (we talked about water evaporating, gathering up in the clouds and then spilling out as rain)


It’s also for frozen Water popsicles (little man’s gums are sure thankful for those)


And Water is in the Melt the Ice dice game. You have a chart of things to do to the ice (blow on it, hold it, put it in water, down your shirt, on the floor or add salt), based on which number you roll on the dice. The kids loved it, especially getting the same thing over and over, and throwing their ice on the ground super hard.


W is for waves of a blanket


And totally not during preschool, W is for window. Poor baby boy leans out the window and yells at the playset or the kids playing on it. I tried to get a picture of him with his fist in the air, but he wouldn’t do it when the camera appeared. I’m thinking we’re going to need a bigger lock and maybe a fence whenever he decides to walk.


Other things we did at Preschool:

Sang “I wiggle my fingers…” and “Shake my sillies out”

Read “Big Red Tub” and talked about what we do with water (highlight- my daughter pointing out we get baptized in water. She’s so spiritual, *wipe away a tear* hehe)

Other ideas- do a Watermelon themed activity. Do water activities outside (it was so cold yesterday, there was no chance of that). Paint with water on the sidewalk.

Hooray for the letter W!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Megapost! All things Easter crammed in!!


My friend Sarah was doing preschool this week and asked me to make baskets for the kids to use for their hunt. I made nut cups at 5 + 3/4 inches under the Boxes, Bags, Tags and More cartridge. Then I used Make the Cut to make some simple spring shapes. I cut/folded green paper for grass. Using a shredder would have been a lot easier! It didn’t take much time though.

IMG_0264 .

For the Young Women I made some Peanut Butter/Chocolate No-Bake cookies, pressed in peanut M&M’s for little eggs.


Last but not least, we made a bunny cake for our family Easter dinner. Coconut “fur” and a jelly bean border. Yum!


We went to an easter egg hunt with families from our ward. Leo showed off his genius baby skills by copying me and trying to get the plastic bunnies to hop. But then we went outside to hunt eggs, and he could care less. Sophia graciously found eggs “for Leo”- and took his candy. What a good big sister.

Sunday Morning


Before we ran off to church I took a few pics of the girls outside in their easter dresses. These pics were the best I could get.


Most of them looked more like this- crazy eyes, turning away from the camera, fighting and everyone looking different directions, and a crazy school Mar’m face for a 6 year old struggling to keep a huge camera up.


Sophia did get a few  good shots in. I finally found something that’s harder than getting 3 kids to look the right way for a picture. It’s trying to instruct a 6 year old on how to take a picture that’s flattering. Teaching would probably be easier if I knew how to do it in the first place!



Last but not least, we had a family Easter egg hunt after church.

I tried my hardest to make it hard for these savvy hunters to find the eggs. Inside bushes, up on lamps and out of sight. I challenged Sophia to get the egg on top of the basketball hoop. She found a way! Leo slept through the whole thing.


Happy Easter! From our little bunnies to yours!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Second Spring Break

My Mom has been visiting since Sunday. This whole week the dishes have apparently done themselves, the laundry switches on it’s own, and cookies bake while I craft, babies are entertained while I exercise. This magic ends when my Mom goes home. It’s been wonderful to have an extra set of hands, though I think my children are getting tired of having someone else tell them what to do.

This week we’ve made some huge bubbles, dyed eggs, exercised almost every day, taught Grandma how to bowl on the Wii. Apparently I mainly took pictures of the bubbles and the park today (Holliday Park).




At the top of the Spider tower. Natalie is singing the old school Spiderman theme song.


When I used to put the girls as babies in the grass, they’d cry. Leo, he eats sticks and stacks them on rocks.


Going down the stairs on the nature walk.




The cheese.


This is why we call him our puppy dog. And bark at him to come play. And then he pants and crawls over. It’s hilarious in person, and not nearly as demeaning as it sounds,  I promise.



BIG Bubbles. Check out how in this Giant Bubble Wand video on

Dowel rods, metal washer, yarn and screw in eyelets. 5 minutes and then HUGE bubbles.


Hooray for Grandma’s visits!

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