Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April Fools Day

No pranks around here. (Yes I’m like 3 weeks behind on this blog). My Dad was in town, so we went to the Indianapolis Museum of Art with the kids. I convinced them it would be fun if they each had a camera to take pictures of artwork they liked. It worked pretty well, there was less talk of touching them and running around, and more of looking and saying- do you think this is cool enough to take pictures of?


Um, Sophia, cap’s still on there, hon. It’s still too cute to see that big camera over her little face. You know you’re a “camera” family when your 6 year old’s camera is a dslr. 10 years old, yes. But still. I waited 10 years for one, and she gets it when she’s not even in full day school. I’m creating a monster. 

My camera battery promptly died after we entered the museum. So here’s Sophia’s views of the museum.


Sophia loved the impressionist gallery. We talked a little bit about brushstrokes and the feeling behind the artwork rather than what you see. I felt like such an educated mother as I lectured my child.

(no picture of this) Natalie took a picture of a “naked woman painting” and was so pleased with herself for finding somebody “without their clothes on.” She’s gone from the Modesty Nazi in Wal-mart telling people they’re not dressed modestly, to giggling over the paintings in a museum. I’m worried about her teenage years.


Sophia is impressed by anything ornate or including flowers.


So after the museum we went to Chick Fil A, came home to hang out, and then John and I went on a group game date at our friend’s house.

We played a few games, ending up looking like fools the whole time. Perfect games for April Fool’s Day.


We played the Cat and Mouse game, with a NEW plunger and strings, beans and beads. I stink at it. Way too skittish. And I can’t add on the spot.  But still fun.


Next we played Minute to Win It games:


Bring the Cotton balls and petroleum jelly on your nose, drop it in the bowl

Pick up the penne with a spaghetti using just your mouth.


Get the cookie off your forehead into your mouth , using only your face.


Brandt was our referee. We quickly learned he is all about the LETTER of the law rules, not the spirit of the law. I was not cheating!

Allison modeling the balanced blocks on her head. She thought she was finished at four and started celebrating. Then found out she needed five. Sad. Still beat her husband!


Sarah balancing dice on a popsicle stick, 5 of those too

The Adams catching pencils off their hands. They were pretty good at it. It gets hard when you get to 8 pencils. The goal is 12 in a minute.


Bounce the ping pong ball one time before it hits and sticks on the open peanut butter sandwich. I thought that was the hardest of all of them. But that’s because I stink at ping pong, I’m glad Sarah had to do it (you did great Sarah and Jeremy!)


Last but not least, we did the m&m transport with straws. My m&m’s kept bouncing out of the bowl, I couldn’t get it to stay in when I let go. So I had like 5 more than John but he won.


Finally we played Guesstures. I think I need to buy it. (Christmas John?). Above is Leo playing with the never-been-used-plunger.

Our date night was great- Look at us! Almost alone! Missing two kids! It’s a miracle! (Shout out to my Dad for babysitting!)


HOORAY for Date Nights, Art Museums and Humiliating games!

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