Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Megapost! All things Easter crammed in!!


My friend Sarah was doing preschool this week and asked me to make baskets for the kids to use for their hunt. I made nut cups at 5 + 3/4 inches under the Boxes, Bags, Tags and More cartridge. Then I used Make the Cut to make some simple spring shapes. I cut/folded green paper for grass. Using a shredder would have been a lot easier! It didn’t take much time though.

IMG_0264 .

For the Young Women I made some Peanut Butter/Chocolate No-Bake cookies, pressed in peanut M&M’s for little eggs.


Last but not least, we made a bunny cake for our family Easter dinner. Coconut “fur” and a jelly bean border. Yum!


We went to an easter egg hunt with families from our ward. Leo showed off his genius baby skills by copying me and trying to get the plastic bunnies to hop. But then we went outside to hunt eggs, and he could care less. Sophia graciously found eggs “for Leo”- and took his candy. What a good big sister.

Sunday Morning


Before we ran off to church I took a few pics of the girls outside in their easter dresses. These pics were the best I could get.


Most of them looked more like this- crazy eyes, turning away from the camera, fighting and everyone looking different directions, and a crazy school Mar’m face for a 6 year old struggling to keep a huge camera up.


Sophia did get a few  good shots in. I finally found something that’s harder than getting 3 kids to look the right way for a picture. It’s trying to instruct a 6 year old on how to take a picture that’s flattering. Teaching would probably be easier if I knew how to do it in the first place!



Last but not least, we had a family Easter egg hunt after church.

I tried my hardest to make it hard for these savvy hunters to find the eggs. Inside bushes, up on lamps and out of sight. I challenged Sophia to get the egg on top of the basketball hoop. She found a way! Leo slept through the whole thing.


Happy Easter! From our little bunnies to yours!

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lindygirl said...

I've got several easter pics with my oldest 3 just like yours. A mother can always dream....

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