Tuesday, April 19, 2011

General Conference Weekend…and then some.


During my General Conference weekend, I put the bias binding around this quilt, for my newest little nephew. Little Mathew was born the Thursday before conference. I think that means he’s going to be extra spiritual. Susan’s waited 16 years and had 4 girls before this baby boy arrived, so I made the quilt with an extra dose of masculinity- guitars and boom boxes on the pattern squares, boy colors and a tie-like dark stripes pattern.


I love the alternating stripes block pattern and the boxes it creates around the pattern fabric.


The back of the quilt is a Ultra Cuddly throw. It lives up to it’s name.So cuddly.


During Conference the girls colored in these little cartoon versions of the apostles. Should I send them to Salt Lake, give them some wardrobe suggestions? Can you see Elder Ballard in a red suid jacket, or Elder Holland in a green tie and orange jacket? If next conference they look like Willy Wonka’s grandpa, you saw it here first.


This is what my kids wished they were watching during conference. Made them take a break from it for the weekend.


The week after conference I tried out a recipe for homemade donuts. Amazing. New comfort food. Now to figure out which holiday to make it a tradition with- Father’s Day? Priesthood session? Ending P90X session?



So that was conference weekend. Since then Leo’s had some exciting times.


First ice cream cone. Good thing he picked and didn’t eat much dinner. Because he ate almost the whole thing. I’m in love with his fishy face when he eats sweet things. I’ve got about 10 other pictures of it. I’m not sure if he can consciously make the face. But he does it all the time when it’s lip smacking good.


He loves to push around his sister’s bike. And spin the pedals. And try to pull the baby basket off. His new balancing act is standing all by himself for over 10 seconds. It’s so miraculous to watch a baby go from a little helpless thing to almost walking.


Last but not least, my girls are so sweet looking, such as when Natalie’s sleeping with her huge BIG BUCK BEAR! And when Sophia’s pretending to be sleeping so she can be in the picture. She can’t hold her smile back when she’s making a joke. Much too many giggles ready to erupt, can barely contain them. I love these kids.

Hooray for quilts, big buck bears, donuts, ice cream cones, and general conference coloring!

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