Sunday, February 21, 2010

Theme Dates

As mentioned in the last post, we had a robot date for Valentine's day.

Here are some other theme dates we've had in the past:

A Roman Date
Movie: Ben Hur
Food: Drumsticks and fruit on a fancy platter
Set the mood- Sit on the floor on cushions, eat reclined, feed each other grapes, wear togas?

Chess Date
Movie- Watch Finding Bobby Fisher or the first Harry Potter movie with the Wizard chess scene
Food: Play Checkers with Oreos or ELFudge cookies (you get to eat what you conquer). Or have funny dares or questions underneath each piece, when you conquer you have to do the dare or answer the question.

Pirate Date
Movie- Pirates of the Carribean
Food- Carribean Jerk Chicken, Sweet potato carribean salad, rice and beans, pineapple or coconut anything

Fun Present- Download mid nineties computer game "Pirates Gold!" and pretend you're 10 again. (I did this for John b/c that was his favorite game from his youth. You have to download a
program to slow down your computer for it to work)

Set the mood- (We didn't do this, but I think it would be hilarious if your husband has a sense of humor) send him on a treasure hunt, then have the final destination be the bedroom (with an x on your backside- get it? X on your booty?. If that doesn't fly, there's always coconut bras.

Arts Date
Activity- Go to a museum of art. Draw pictures of each other. Or sculpt playdough of inside jokes.
Dessert- Carve ice cream sculpture and use candies for decoration (we did this on a date in college)

What about you? What's your favorite "just for fun" date?


Shelly Beth said...

You guys are way more creative than us! A new recent favorite of ours is playing guitar hero with two guitars...or just TALKING. It seems like we never get to talk anymore :) I just sent you and email with a ton of date night suggestions from a handout we got from RS. Enjoy!

Carrie said...

ah! i miss those college days, when all four of us would put our heads together. those were the best group dates. fun times!

Melanie Jorgensen said...

sure you didn't put an X on your booty! fun ideas! i thought our creative ideas were go to the institute to play ping pong and fussball! i think you have us beat!

Laura said...

I havn't peeked at your blog in a while--I had no idea what I was missing. You are HILARIOUS, clever, and your blog is so well done.
I don't know how you find time to do it all! I love Dana's MADE site too--I have shirts waiting to be made into cute little dresses.

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