Sunday, February 21, 2010

Around the Daley House...

Snow! John spent a few nights this past week constructing a snow cave.

And for Valentine's Day we had a Robot Date.
We went out for Mediterranean food and then came back and watch this movie (with no kids):

And made some robots, using number 10 cans, soup cans, buttons, nuts and bolts, magnets and hot glue

Dessert was chocolate covered strawberries, a pineapple orange smoothie, and some chocolates.

Also, we recently found our girls sleeping like this at bedtime. They were reading stories there together and then fell asleep. They used to share a full sized bed but fought too much over the covers and personal space. Guess that's not an issue anymore! Sometimes you just need a warm body next to ya.

And for Valentine's day preschool I made some heart stamps. I glued a few layers of shaped foam to wooden blocks. The square blocks below are from and are pretty cheap. The word blocks are jenga blocks.

I would love to show you the preschool kids beautiful stamp drawings, but it didn't happen. I tried to use kool-aid watercolors, and they hated the texture and weren't into stamps at all. So we painted with normal brushes. I need to make prototypes of the project ahead of time so the kids see the end in sight and believe in my methods. Maybe next time.


Carrie said...

ooh! i like those stamps. i always want to start a collection of stamps but they're so stinkin' expensive. i might have to try making some. thanks for the good idea

P-Cute said...

Hello Jackie!
I blog stalked you the other day and am sure that you are super mom. My goodness girl, you are really good at what you do! My husband and I are moving out the D.C. way for grad school so maybe you can teach me some of your awesomeness.
Patience :)

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