Friday, December 3, 2010

Things I learned on my trip to the East

Last post about my trip, I promise. Here are some new things I learned while on our trip…

1. I’m becoming my mother. This isn’t really anything new, but I used to hate how she’d bring bags of random stuff to do during car rides. This trip, I had 3 little bags of random crafts, books or things to do. On the trip, I made the felt hair bow below. And about 15 other bows/flowers/hair things for Holly’s baby.


2. My husband is incredibly patient and kind. Also, he puts up with me taking endless pictures. He can handle roughing it. Like at Valley Forge, he was so comfortable.


3. The Hampton Inn is awesome. We really value cool things like different pictures for each room plate and breakfast that includes huge bowls of fresh fruit. And new shampoo everyday we’re there. The new Holiday Inns are nice (green beds below). But not as nice as Hampton Inn. Also, Marriott charges you for EVERYTHING. 3 star really means “we expect you to be rich enough to pay 12 dollars for eggs and toast and to pay for Internet daily”

IMG_8528 IMG_9841

4. When we weren’t staying in the Hampton, we didn’t have Continental breakfast, we had miniwheats. In hotel glasses. But we forgot the spoons. I consider this roughing it. John thinks I’m a wimp. But fingers into your milk cereal- I get the shivers just thinking about it.


5. I learned that Carrie can do back flips off her boyfriend’s shoulders. Talented. No wonder she got into BYU. Speaking of swimming, if you have a hotel with a pool, you should probably bring hairstyling products on your trip (what was I thinking? I’ll just use my sisters!)

6. No matter how  late you get into a hotel, it will take your kids 2 hours to wind down and fall asleep. This time usually includes examining themselves in the closet mirror, jumping from bed to bed until someone gets hurt, and acting like a fancy princess with glass cups. And trying endlessly to be able to stand on the fabric luggage rack.


6.State Farm has a loose interpretation of “Free.”  IMG_8537

7. Kids are incredibly resilient to occupy themselves in the car. (Yes that’s Natalie’s coat on her legs.). Also, a lap desk from Big Lots was a great pre-trip purchase. Coloring, puzzles, toys, snacks….all had a place to be. Also, a breast pump is essential to traveling with a baby.


7. My kids have no shame. Like the time we had to pull over on the highway because they were about to pee their pants. And they went “like doggies.”


8. If Dinner takes too long to be on the table, John takes things into his own hands.










9. The south will rise again. Well, at least I think this guy thinks it will.


10. Your kids are pretty much Will Ferrell in Elf. All of New York and he likes the spinning doors and Christmas decorations. My kids would have spent hours in the spinning doors into the hotel. And the escalators were Sophia’s favorite part of the Aquarium. Next time, we’re not doing the 20 dollar tickets. Pet store at the mall, same difference to her apparently.

11. I already knew it, but I discovered it again- I like my family. When it’s just us in the car, hanging out, we have a lot of fun together.

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