Monday, December 13, 2010

The post where I've sold my soul to corporate...for a few dozen photo cards.

On my to do list this year- Family Calendar and Christmas Cards.

Every year I do a family calendar. It’s pretty much the best present ever. Don’t you just want a whole year worth of pics of your cute family? I testify- they make grandparents melt. Aunts and Uncles can’t help but smile. And the kids remember the names of their cousins across the country. And you don't have to beat yourself up for taking 2000 pictures this year but not printing off or scrapping any of them. Done!

Shutterfly is offering them buy one get one 50 percent off. You should check it out.

Love the pics on the kids' birthdays! So cute!

I usually make my family calendar at home- but if you don't have all the tools, Shutterfly makes it easy. I just might order the little ones- they're so stinkin cute!

Shutterfly Christmas cards center also has a myriad of photo collage cards, folded cards, classic one picture cards.

Not to mention photo gifts, like these:

One of the things I have yet to attempt is cute Christmas cards. The gulf between the ideas in my head and what’s cute is huge. And not worth the effort to learn photoshop for Christmas Cards. I've not done them in the last 3 years- even though we've had two babies and two moves. Actually, it's more like ...I haven't done cards because we've had those life events. They'll even stamp and mail for you- or just give ya free shipping over 50 dollars!

Well excuses no longer. I just have to find the time to narrow down from hundreds to a perfect card...Here are some cards that caught my eye...

This post is part of Shutterfly's promotion to get 50 free photo cards- for blogging about what you like on their site and your experience with them. Wanna get a christmas card from my cute family? Message me your address! jacki daley at gmail dot com

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