Saturday, January 16, 2010

Natalie's Birthday Party: Part 2: Rainbow Playdoh Cricut Style

Here's how we party with our new Cricut. If you don't know what a cricut is, check it out here. It's basically a scrapbooking tool that cuts images instead of printing- it's about the size of a printer, doesn't need a computer, just cartridges full of silhouettes to cut out.

For Natalie's party, the decorations started with polka dots.

Take one 12 by 12 cardstock, (I used DCWV non textured multi pack) cut out the largest circle you can.
I used "fit to page" and it came out 10 3/4 ". I also cut out some 2 inch and 5 inch circles.

For the circles, I used accents essentials cartridge, shadow on accent 1. But it's just a plain old circle, there's lots of shadows in that shape on various cartridges.

I also made a Happy Birthday banner. I used Cursive 101 cartridge for the lettering (3 inches tall) and the Celebrations cartridge for the pennant pieces (6 inches tall). The cut for the pennants includes the holes for the string. I tied ribbon in between to hang the banner. Here's the banner on my carpet after I assembled it.

On the back side of the rainbow lettering, I did plain white lettering. I liked this effect a lot better, but I'm all about simple decorations that don't hurt your eyes, the multi colored lettering on rainbow banner was a bit much.

For the favors, I made use of my Tags, Bags, Boxes and More cartridge (the one I was most excited to buy).

First I did popcorn boxes in various colors, and set it to fit to page. I can't remember what size it came out to, but they're about 5 inches tall. The boxes had ribbon handles in contrasting colors, and then were filled with playdoh and accessories.

Then I made inch bags that were 2 inches tall. These held the googly eyes, flags, and pipe cleaners for playing with the playdoh.

For more decoration, I cut out "I (heart) playdoh" from the Storybook font cartridge, in 3/4 inch letters, on self adhesive "sticker" paper from DCWV. The sticker paper comes in 6 by 6 inch stacks. I also cut out 1 inch cupcakes from the Celebrations cartridge to stick onto the inch bags.

For the flags, I did mirror cuts of some tags (2 inch size), and glued them around mini popsicle sticks (only 3 inches tall). I cut out various mini shapes- hearts, flowers, stars, triangles, tree, turtles, etc., and glued them ontop of the flags.

It all turned out well, and in the process I've become a pro at the cricut. Ok, not a pro...but not a beginner anymore.


Shelly Beth said...

You are the most creative, crafty person ever on a dime! Seriously, Isabelle and Aubree have birthdays in June and you need to shoot some ideas my way. I am sure Isabelle will want something to do with princesses or Tinker Bell... Anyways, FYI, lunch bunch is at my house on Wednesday. Be there or be square. Hope you can make it! Let me know when you want to craft!

Indiana Haffners said...

Okay so I'm really feeling the Cricut envy right now!!! Which one did you get? Can I covet? :) Very cute party, as usual!

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