Friday, January 29, 2010

Ribbon Headband and FOR CUTE! CD holder

FOR CUTE! (pronounced fur - cuuuuuTE!)

Sometimes I miss that phrase. Mainly when I make something too cute for a normal reaction, then I wish I still lived in Utah and heard that on a daily basis.
Things like this:
Sophia's latest "sewing" creation- pretty inventive? Think I should start her Project Runway 2035 audition tape?
And I made some ribbon headbands. It took me about 5 minutes.
You need- Cute ribbon, wide stretch lace. You could even hand sew it if you needed to.
Measure your Head with the ribbon, then deduct about 3 inches. Cut out 4 inches of stretch lace,
fold over each side of the ribbon, overlap about a half inch on each side, sew.
Easily adaptable for moms and princesses alike.
Next up: FOR CUTE! Cd holder for the van.

I used scraps and this tutorial by Puking Pastilles. Very easy. MAKE SURE YOU MEASURE HOW BIG YOUR CAR VISOR IS. Sorry for the yelling. But I didn't. And it barely fit. So do that first. Thanks.
I just used fusible interfacing for the inside, but it is a little floppy. So I'd recommend some cereal box cardboard if you don't have the Peltex (thick bag making fusible interfacing) .
Now, say it with me...Fuuuuur Cuuuuute!

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