Thursday, January 7, 2010

THE Christmas Pajamas

Lots of people get new pajamas for Christmas.

In our family, I make them. Way more stress than you need, let me tell you. But it's been a great way for me to hone my sewing skills. This year I perfected sewing button holes and interfacing and learned an alternative way to sew on long sleeves. So I like the practice.

And I need deadlines for my projects, and Christmas is a great deadline.

As much as I love store bought pajamas, I have yet to see hello kitty ones in classic button up form (for less than 10 bucks a piece that is).
The really hard part? Getting the kids to sit still for like longer than 2 seconds. And to stop posing. Natalie's favorite pose comes form a KISS concert poster, and Sophia's queen of the "cheesy smile and stick something in front of my face pose"

A close(er) up shot of the shirts.
Hooray for Christmas pajamas!

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Those look amazing! Good job!

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