Friday, January 29, 2010

FHE: Strengthening Families Lesson and Assignments Board

For Family Home Evening this week, we talked about Strengthening Families. This lesson came from my Stake Young Women's Presidency, they passed out kits when they visited for Ward Conference this past week.

For this lesson, you will need- 2 popsicle sticks per member of the family, and a rubber band or pipe cleaner.

First, you pass out one stick to each family member, and ask them to break it.

After they do, you tell them that was a family member. Then you put the second set of sticks together, wrap a rubber band or pipecleaner around, and ask them to break the family members when they are all together.

Even if they are able to break it, you explain that we are stronger when we are together and united.

Talk about Satan trying to attack families-
  1. Why do you think that is? (Because if we are not united, he can tempt us or break us away from the gospel)
  2. Why do you think Heavenly Father sent us to earth in Families? (Families help us to choose the right, and we help keep each other on the right path.)
  3. How do families help us to be strong in the gospel? (We can give help to someone who is tempted to choose the wrong, and we can do good things together, provide a place of love for everyone)
  4. What are things we do, or need to do, to be strong and united against Satan? (Read scriptures, family prayer, family home evening, do fun things together, go to the temple, be nice to each other)
Activity: Make Popsicle stick puppets

First, trace large and small gingerbread men and women onto paper, cut out.

Have everyone color their person, or decorate with scraps of pretty paper.

Tape a popsicle stick on, and you're done! Here's our popsicle stick family.

The kids have been doing puppet shows with them since our lesson. Hooray for cheap toys!

This week I finally finished my FHE board. We've talked about how we need an assingments board every week for the past 6 months, as my kids fight and throw tantrums over who picks songs.

Here it is, in all it's glory....

I used a plain 12 inch magnetic wooden frame from Roberts ( that i bought like 5 years ago), painted it black, then busted out the cricut and modgepodge.

Our assignments include: Song, prayer, wiggles (a motion song or song to dance to), lesson, treat, song and prayer. Simple. Like us.

After I cut out the letters, I sealed with modge podge- over the letters and the paint. So it's all glossy.... glossy. glossy.

Then I made name magnets, so the assingments can be rearranged weekly.
As you can see below, I love cereal boxes. They're pretty much the same thickness as chipboard, and free! (kind of).

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