Saturday, August 29, 2009

Girl's Room Redo- Part 1: Dressers and Name Garlands

Here's some before pictures of the room. I purposefully did not clean up, for full visual effect.

A picture of the dressers during painting...

Here's Natalie's Dresser- White!

And Sophias- Pink! The girls were most excited about Princess paper on the inside, and the new mirror in their room.

And here's the name banners.

I printed out the font/size I wanted on paper, used that as a stencil to cut out the scrapbook paper (DCWV Spring Stack). Then glued on cardboard and used a box cutter to cut it out, and an exacto knife for all the rougher edges. I used a thick needle to sew the ribbon through the letters.

You can't really see the cardboard unless you look at the letters from the side. Which means you're standing in the closet or floating on a second story height looking in our window.

And this is just part 1, I've got all the materials for a peg board for dressups. Planned completion date: sometime in September.


Amy said...

I love the name things... (busy this afternoon now!) thanks for all the great ideas!! Keep them coming... and we miss you.

Indy Daleys said...

Such skill you have! Your craftiness needs to rub off on me!! Seriously though, it looks so great. Can't wait to see the rest :)

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