Monday, August 9, 2010

Quote of the day

Scene: Laurels class (16-18 yr old Girls sunday school class). Topic: Exaltation. Discussion about what you need to do in this life to gain Exaltation, which includes temple endowments and marriage. The girls had a lot of questions about the endowment and what you do in the temple.

Me: "So taking out your endowment is something you do right before you go on a mission, or get married, or if you're a young adult and are spiritually mature, and not getting married anytime soon, you can go to the temple then."

Girl 1 : "How do you know if you're spiritually mature?"

Me: "If you're faithful and feel like you're ready and are serious about the gospel. Also, you go to the Bishop's office and play this video game about spirituality, and if you get to Level 10 then they let you go to the temple."

----Birds Chirping, Blank Stares---

I'm just kidding guys.

Girls: WHAT?? We thought you were serious!

Girl 2: That would be awesome. I want a game like that, then my mom would let me play computer games on Sunday.

-End Scene-------

What do you think? What would you put in a spiritual video game? Mormon version of Oregon Trail? Gospel Trivia? A soundtrack that included whispers of codes, that you had to be quiet to hear?

In other news, today I put my ABC Jumbo Dry Erase Books on Skip to my Lou's Made by Me Monday- Check out all the other craftiness over there!


lindygirl said...

ha ha ha ha ha! Love it!

Reuben said...

None of them said, "Whatevs, my brother went to the temple before his mission and he's pretty much the least mature person I've even met"?

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