Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Adventures in Canning


My friend Sarah has some apple trees. And she’s a master at canning. So when she offered free apples to anyone who wants to can with her, I jumped at the chance. We spent 3 days canning apple pie filling, apple sauce, berry applesauce, and apple butter. There’s nothing like working alongside friends for most of the day, talking about random things, sharing the stories of our lives, experimenting with new applesauce flavors. Good times. Good times.

I was kind of amazed at how simple it was- why was I scared of this in the past? A lot simpler than so many things that I make on a regular basis. Plus Sarah did all the keeping track of timers/etc, which is my weak point in cooking.

Here’s some pictures of our adventures:


Apple sauce all gorgeous


The apple gruel that I should have taken home and served up my kids for dinner- then they’d really be grateful for my normal random mismatched meals.


Happy after a long day of working together.


I think the cinnamon fumes and propane exhaust might have gone to our heads. Watch out kids.


Here’s my rainbow of applesauce. I canned the apple butter all by myself. Come on over, you can have some on some toast.  But call me a few hours before you stop by- I think I’ll need to make some homemade bread to go with it.

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Cristy said...

Good times! Thanks for the laughs!!

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