Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Candyland Favors and Cake

Here’s some shots of the favors and food we did for the Candyland party:

Everyone put their name on a gingerbread kid and taped it to their shirt (so we knew who was who)


For the cake I made marshmallow fondant, dyed it 6 different colors, then rolled it out and cut squares with a mega block. Perfect size for candyland cake!


Natalie graciously put skittles all around the cake with her sister.


The cake, before the ice cream was put on the castle/ice cream sea. We used 11 by 17 pans, two chocolate cake mixes and two cans of frosting.


Basically candy all over, but the peppermint forest and the lollipop forest are plastic Christmas decorations from Dollar Store and Hobby Lobby, respectively.

We had cake and ice cream and veggies and dip for the adults who hung around.

Everyone went home with their gingerbread house. I made 20 of these the days before. Used royal icing, made from cream of tartar, powdered sugar and egg whites. Cut the side of the house to be a pentagon, put a square of icing on the plate, then made the house. Let it dry over night, then did the roof. Then everyone decorated the day of with shortening icing and all the candy.


To take home, everyone had a mini fabric tote bag, I made these a few weeks before the party. 18 bags from one yard of fabric and a few yards of ribbon. It was really hard to find fabric in the colorful color pallette I wanted and looking like some kind of candy theme. I wish their were rainbow blocks or something like that, but this was the closest I got. Each bag was 6 by 7 inches. The bag included dollar store necklaces (8 for a dollar), and random candy I got on sale after Halloween (and supplemented by my kids Halloween bucket).


Last but not least, I made Candy land coloring books. Downloaded free Candy land coloring pages, then added some additional candy puzzles. Cut and bound with the BindItAll, and glued characters from Candy land on the front (scanned from the game board instructions).

IMG_8080 IMG_8081

Here’s the pictures from the book, for your use. All I ask is you say “Thank you!”

candyland coloring 1 candyland coloring 2 candyland coloring 3 candyland coloring 4

I love these characters. Especially the Candyland kids. So dang cute.


Miss Pippi said...

Thank you for sharing!

joy*us said...

Thank you!!

Unique Heart said...

Thanks, these are awesome and it sounds like such a fun party.

Shawn Titus said...

Hi, where can I get the template for the ginger men? Such a cute idea.

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