Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ph Sound: Photos and Phones

On Thursday we did Ph/gh sound- (they make an F, remember?).

For the lesson, we talked about phones- how to make a phone call, how to answer, what to do if your mom is going to the bathroom and she yells at you to get the phone.

Then we took some photos. I remembered a post I saw on about aerial pictures that look like flying, and it was this man's work, Jan von Holleben. Here's his series of "dreams of flying." Just be warned- you're going to want to try it out with your kids. For tips and help with it, check out designmom's post.

We had a classic shot...

Then some butterfly shots. I took these from our second story balcony.

I love the way Allyson's skirt looks like it's windy in this picture.

You can see here we needed our door open for natural light. And they were sort of confined for space.

Rachel did a good job with her feet and "pretending" to smell the flowers.

We went outside and took some silly pictures with the pom poms too.

After the photo shoot, we did some more ph/gh things:
  • Practice calling their phone number on old cell phones
  • Hopscotch onto a chalk phone, hopping out their phone number.
  • Discussion about calling 911, the reasons why you do, and what they will ask you.

And now I'm done with preschool for the year! Hooray! Ok baby, just wait another 3 more days until I'm done with the immediate Young Women responsibilities...and you can come!

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