Monday, April 26, 2010

Bugs and Butterflies

Today in Preschool we did Bugs and Butterflies.

We read some books about what makes something an insect. I reccomend looking in the Non-ficiton section for books about butterflies and bugs, I'm all about the pictures rather than illustrations. The girls loved the book "Are you a Butterfly?" by Judy Allen.

We made books about the lifecycle of a butterfly. Actually, I made the books, they colored and glued in the parts: A lima bean for an egg, twisted pipe cleaner for caterpillar, torn leaves for eating, tissue paper chrysalis, and dollar store butterfly clip. Click for close up of the book. Comment or email me if you want a copy of the publisher book file.

We played with butterfly connectagons , made ladybugs out of strawberries, grapes and mini chocolate chips, and made a spider web with yarn.

Then they pretended to be bugs and try to jump all around the web and not get caught. Eventually they decided getting tangled up was fun, and so they tangled all up together. This was definately the funnest part of the day. If I did this theme for preschool again, I would string the web around household objects, or with stakes in the grass, and let them climb over and around.

And here's some bug songs I reccomend:
and of course Flight of the Bumblebee by Beethoven
And for bug songs set to popular songs, consult this list of bug songs. We sang "Head, Thorax, Abdomen" set to the tune of Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. And "Baby Bumblebee." And "Bug Song" - a variation of "Oh I wish I were a little racy car..." a camp classic.
On wednesday I'm teaching the sounds Ph and gh that make the F sound- and then I'm done! No more preschool for me year, maybe?
Oh! and I'm B minus 2 weeks now. Maybe I should buy some diapers, or something, in case little man decides to arrive early?


Shelly Beth said...

Great ideas! I am going to be consulting your blog when I move in July. Izzy will be part of the ward co-op there and you are an expert when it comes to these things! I am doing a similar theme for our ward story time tomorrow. We could have consulted! For a craft, I am doing coffee filter butterflies :) Good luck these next two weeks. I hope the little guy gets here safe and sound!

Indiana Haffners said...

Hey there. No rush for the file because I know things will get just a bit busier around your house really soon! I wanted to ask for a copy of the bug book pdf. I had something to send down with Linda but they left church took soon for me to catch them yesterday. :) Hope all goes well!

Indiana Haffners said...

I meant "too soon" not took. :)

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