Monday, April 26, 2010

New Valances and Playroom Art

My house looks different. One of my friends asked "Did you paint?" Nope. Just new valances.

The pinks are from the girl's room, the green is in the living room and kitchen.
I basically made a humungous long pillow, with pretty fabric in the front and plain cheap in the back, then stuck the 4 inch rectangular curtain rod through it.
Most people staple gun their valances to foam board or wood board, but I'm a sewing type of girl. Staple guns are a little too dangerous when you're as clumsy as I am.
Next up: ABC playroom poster
This poster is made possible by my cricut, a dcwv cardstock stack, and Make the Cut software.
Make the Cut allows you to take almost any image, find the outline, and mess with it, then cut it out with the cricut. Plus any true type font. Invaluable. So yes, I did the following:
  1. Made a list of simple images for each letter.
  2. Sort by color.
  3. Find clipart and convert it to cutting for each one, or find a suitable cricut cartridge image.
  4. Size it on Make the cut, cut it with the cricut
  5. Glue it on, add eyes and some layers for stripes.
The Abc poster took forever, like a week's worth of afternoons. It was over 50 different images, plus letters and color layouts. Plus, I was basically learning how to use the software. But the 123 poster took me an afternoon. No kidding. Especially since I discovered spray adhesive. So much easier than glue dots and glue sticks.

Now the really hard part...figure out which wall to hang it on.


Shelly Beth said...

SO amazing!

Lauren said...

Could you tell me which rod you used? Gorgeous!

Jacki said...

Hi Lauren!

I used curtain rods that are meant to be covered up- on this site you can see decent pictures, I used the ones labeled "continental rods" and "projection curtain rods"- You mount a piece of hardware on the wall and the curtain rod hooks into it. The curtain then hangs a couple inches off the wall.

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