Friday, April 9, 2010

Lately in the Craft Dept...

Here's what we've been up to lately in the craft dept.

First, I made some of these bunny rolls, and forgot to take a picture. But they're delicious.

Second, we did a pizza fundraiser for Girl's Camp. One of our ward members owns a Papa Johns, and she graciously let us buy pizzas for half price to sell. And then let us invade her shop and make them ourselves. Here's the Pizza thank you card I made for her:

The pizza is attached to 15 blank cards. I took it apart, each of the girls wrote a thank you note on one, then attached it back together, and stuck it in the box to give to her.

I made the pizza box with the BoxesBags Tags and More cricut cartridge (fit to page, about 5 3/4 inch size) , used Cursive 101 for the lettering, and made the pizza out of circles, and cut the cheese out with old fashioned scissors. I did find some pizza svg files for cricut cutting, but I hadn't set up the software yet to use my computer to cut out designs. So I just cut away little triangles to make it look cheesy.

The other thing we did before Easter was make little egg baskets out of cut up cardboard egg cartons and paint some more salt dough beads, this time in bunny shapes. Here's the action shots of egg carton painting with qtips for detail.

I'd show you some finished products...but we never finished. It seems everything I start these days, if it takes longer than a day....ends up being put away for the next big thing happening, then I forget about it...until the holiday is over. I have about 5 unfinished projects waiting for my return. It's official- I am becoming my mother, at least in the craft pacing dept.

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