Saturday, April 10, 2010

B minus 30 days...

Can you find the pregnant lady who wasn't warned she was sideways to the camera??

That's right, Birth minus 30 days.

I'm at the point in my pregnancy when....

People no longer say "How far along are you?" They say " How much longer do you have???" And then they say..."really? that long?"

I have started fantasizing about hardcore exercise and punishing my body for 8 months of desserts. Who fantasizes about exercise? I mean, really?? I'll tell you who. Women who get winded walking up a flight of stairs. Who need help getting off the couch. That's who.

My kids are tired of sticking stuffed animals in their shirts and pretending to be pregnant. It's old news.

I knock over small children with my belly. Or even worse, step on toddlers because I can't see them.

Based on my last ultrasound two weeks ago, I can calculate how big my newborn will probably be. 85th percentile weight= no newborn clothes needed.

The shirts I've worn all through my pregnancy, are letting the breeze into the underside of my belly.

Complete strangers say "Wow you're about to pop, aren'ts ya?" in the elevator. No, lady. Actually, people don't pop. I am not popcorn. There's no popping involved. Popping would actually be an emergency. I'm not allowed to go into labor, in case I pop.

(Random tidbit- My ASL teacher in college would making the popping sound when he made the birth sign. It was hilarious, but kind of disturbing)

I no longer have grandiose plans for what projects will be finished before the baby arrives. I'm hoping I'll get through the three I've started.

My c-section date and time is scheduled. I'm that far along.


Shelly Beth said...

Yeah! The end is in sight! I hope you are able to accomplish all you want to before this little boy comes. Are you so excited for a boy!? I bet you will have fun experiencing new things with him around. Heres to hoping that many people don't harrass you about your "popping" in the next 30 days.

Carrie said...

so close. can't wait to see the new little guy!!

Melanie Jorgensen said...

lol. this is too funny! you did NOT look "ready to pop" when I saw you! hang in there. i told you this is the hardest stretch in pregnancy - so close, but it just seems to drag with each gaping look at your belly! ahhh, the joys of motherhood!

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