Monday, April 26, 2010

Let's go outSIIIIIIIIDE!

Ok. Ok. Here's what we've been doing outside lately.

We recently took a field trip to Trader's Point Creamery, an all organic, grass fed swiss dairy cow farm in nearby Zionsville.

These cows are responsible for some good tasting yogurt and chocolate milk.

We toured the grounds, ran around with some chickens, watched them bottle the yogurt and milk, and posed in front of a flowering tree. Good times.

A couple weekends ago we went to a local park with bike trails.
We found out a kite must have a tail to fly (ours didn' it didn't fly).
We met a squirrel who was way too accustomed to humans. Squirrels scare me.
And we listened to parents encourage their kids to crash a birthday party and steal things. It turns out it wasn't a birthday party, but a public event for kids of the county. But the parents next to us on the park bench didn't know that, they were encouraging their kids to steal.

And last weekend this little chubba cheeks came to visit, while John and Mike put new brakes on the vans. J was so amazed by the bubbles the kids were blowing.

The girls had a fun time playing with their cousins all day long. So excited to have them visit, and so sad to see them go home. "Why can't we just play for days and days like before we moved here, Mom?" Sophia would just like to move in with her cousins. And who can blame her, really?
Hooray for cousins!

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