Friday, May 13, 2011

Leo at one year old…

Yesterday was Leo’s Birthday! This is the first time I’m commemorating such an occasion with a vast description of my child. Usually I post my party pics and call it a day, but scrapbooking has taught me to write down the little habits of my kids, because they don’t stay that way for long.

So here’s some shots of baby boo-bah and his many, many talents:


Standing up, eating with no hands, practicing for his circus tricks


Yelling at his sister to give him some space, laughing with her when she’s silly



Preaching to his apple during breakfast and sucking on the lids of containers


Opening the sliding glass door and climbing up to the dishwasher


Playing the piano from on top of the Love Sack, watching his sisters open his presents, WALKING!!!


Looking dreamily off into the sunset, yelling at his sisters about grass, taste testing grassIMG_0619IMG_0773

Sticking his tongue out as he charges, sitting pretty for pictures

Other talents not pictured: Biting our toes, getting into locked fireplaces, crawling up my legs as I exercise, giggling constantly whenever his sisters are around.

Little Man loves his daddy, and whenever he’s near his office tries to knock or open the door and invite John out to play. He is my first child to actually play with cars and be entertained making them go back and forth, he loves to sit and make the wheels spin on upside down wagons. His ability to find dirt and try to eat it has forced me to keep my house really really clean. He’s recently started sleeping for longer than 4 hours at a time (finally!). He loves strawberries and almost all fruit- except for bananas. He’s brought so much laughter and love with him in the past year.

Bubba, I love ya. Happy Birthday!

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Laura Butler said...

Happy late b-day Leo! I love the pics! He is so stinkin' cute! We hope we can see you guys soon! Wish we could've been at the fun party!

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