Friday, May 13, 2011

Other Happenings….


Mother’s Day has come and gone. Here’s what I got from Sophia from school.


I loved it. Especially her artistic flowers all over the box.


Here’s Sophia at a Multicultural fair at the school. She’s pointing to her X-ray fish drawing. Her class studied Australia and did some art projects about the animals there.


For our Anniversary (8 years baby!), John rented the newest Harry Potter on video (bleh, so anticlimatic!) and made me this awesome Ice Cream sculpture of Hogwarts. Notice the hot fudge moat and sprinkles? This man knows a way to a woman’s heart, I mean a way to my sugar cravings.


We put batteries in this lil gorilla that sings our wedding song. Now the kids know all 15 seconds of it by heart. We’ve got another date tonight- away from the house, without children! So exciting.


Last but not least, I got together with some friends for a dancing night. So fun. The smiles on our faces say it all.


Thanks for the fun night, Ladies!

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