Sunday, June 19, 2011

May…and then some June…

We had some end of the year pool parties at one of our good friends’ home. I brought our slip and slide and after the novelty wore off it was a swimming pool home for the excitement of the day- a toad. IMG_1438IMG_1439IMG_1443IMG_1440IMG_1451


Leo and Jacob are buddies, Leo loves watching Jacob do all this big boy things. IMG_1446

Here’s all the Preschool kids from this year. Such a good looking group!


And such  a silly group! The best part of these pics is that I felt like Brandon was the class clown- and he’s just watching!






We went as a family to the Youth Ice blocking night at a nearby park. The girls loved watching everyone go down, Leo just loves the grass. Natalie started being the “ice collector” and getting all the ice chips from the bottom of the hill. I went down once and was so glad I didn’t bite the dust. Or the grass I guess.


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