Sunday, June 19, 2011

Slip and Slide! and Playing with the 50 mm lens

I bought a slip and slide from the store as a surprise to the girls- they didn’t even know what one was! John demonstrated for them so they got the idea, it was pretty hilarious to see them run and then stop right before the slide- they couldn’t get over the fear of hurting themselves. IMG_1014IMG_1052IMG_1060IMG_1044IMG_1076

Supermodel Natalie- totally has the quarter turn over the shoulder look down! IMG_1079


While taking slip and slide pictures, I played around with the 50mm lens I borrowed from my friend Sarah. It was hard to get out of zoom mode, and not just sit in one place and take pics- but have to walk around and forward and backward to frame the picture right. I loved the 2.8  aperture though, and totally want one for Christmas now (John, are you listening?)

I also took some other pics of the kids with the lens to see what it was like in different situations-


These are the shots everyone looks for with the 50 mm lens- blurred bokeh backgrounds. And here’s some random smatterings of Leo’s many faces of this month. I finally got some shots where he’s NOT in his high chair. Poor boy was going to grow up thinking all we did was feed him all day long.


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