Sunday, June 19, 2011

The one where Trumpster goes to the Barbershop

As you recall Leo’s hair was getting pretty long…


He was started to resemble my favorite media and real estate mastermind, Trump.


(book courtesy of the free books available at  our local summer story time at the park)

Especially so when I comb over his hair from his ears on.


His haircut was starting to bring back the early 90’s country music videos. And I am so against business in the front, party in the back.


So I cut it. Trimmed the front, Trimmed the back- and he looked like a little page boy from the 1600’s. So we trimmed around his ears, and took him straight from real estate mogul, to early 90’s elementary school, aka the coolest time ever, because that’s where I was in the early 90’s. 


I’ve spent the last week trying to remember what he looked like before. He looks like such a big kid now.  I’ve found myself signing with him and talking to him more- so I’ve stopped treating him like such a baby too. It’s a good thing, he needs to start applying all the things he’s learned in Trump’s book, I expect him to be rich by Kindergarten.

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Shelly Beth said...

So cute! He does look grown up now!

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