Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Monster House Party…at the Daleys!



We had a great Halloween this year. The festivities started with me sewing Sophia’s rainbow pillow costume and Natalie’s modest mermaid gown (shown above with puff sleeves and seaweed boa).


Our cousins came to the ward party. Here’s dragon and cute flower Evie…






The beehives ran the spider web toss during the halloween carnival. We sewed bean bags on Wednesday night then hung a spiderweb the day of the party.


On Halloween we had a few friends over. I had signed up to host a party through houseparty.com, so I got some free goodies to hand out (mainly trick or treating bags and mini flashlights.

I hung some simple spider and bat silhouettes…


I made a simple trick or treat banner, and hung halloween pictures from years past on our memo board. Then added spider webs to our fancy candle holders.


The piano got some spider webs too, and we propped up the skeleton that’s literally on it’s last leg.


I made some Halloween blocks out of scrapwood and vinyl. I’ve had these on my list of things to do for a while, but never got around to it until my friend Sarah wanted to work on some of her own with me. It was fun to sit and talk and make things for a few afternoons, I’m thinking I need to have craft dates more often!


Last but not least I hung a spider web between our balcony railings and added webbing and a paper spider Sophia brought home from school.




(Imagine party pics here that I was too busy to take…)


We served Halloweenies, ham and cheese calzone strips, Pumpkin Soup with Jalapeno Pesto, breadsticks, spinach dip and a big salad. For dessert we had red velvet cake eyeballs, black cat cookies (chocolate cookies shaped like cats) and Knock em Naked Cake (chocolate cake, pudding, coolwhip and toffee bits) . We went trick or treating and came back for dessert and some Halloween pictionary/charades.


Fun times. I love having a houseful of people. I need to be a better time manager so I can make it happen more often!

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zerry ht said...

Such a cute Halloween party. Kids are looking so happy. They must had a great time there. I am planning a party for my daughter’s birthday at one of Seattle venues and want to have frozen themed party. It will be so good to make her day more special.

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