Monday, November 14, 2011

Letter I- Ice Cream Preschool Ideas

Ice cream pack from 2 teaching Mommas- I cut out and laminated 4 sets of the dice game to build an ice cream cone. We took turns rolling the dice and taped huge stacks of ice cream on the white board, then compared the different cone graphs and talked about least,most etc.

Musical Islands game- played just like musical chairs, but with carpet squares, pretending they were islands we jumped onto when the music stopped

I balance beam made out of masking tape:


Balloon ice cream cone- Balloon decorated with paper sprinkles (small strips of paper or hole punches glued on or stickers, red pom pom on top for cherry). Cardstock stapled to make a cone to put it in. You can play a game where you toss the balloon up and try to catch it with the cardstock.



For snack we had Ice Cream- of course!

For Journal we colored an ice cream cone the color of our favorite flavor.

For tracing and letters they traced I, completed a pattern with Ice cream and cookies pattern, and matched upper and lower case letters on ice cream cones (from the 2 teaching Mommies link above).

It was a fun preschool and I think the kids are starting to expect sweets everytime they’re at my house. Hooray for Ice Cream!

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aloicious said...

What a great idea for a game. That would even be fun at a shower for us girls!

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