Monday, December 5, 2011

Thanksgiving and Letter J Preschool

For Thanksgiving we had a great little preschool.

We read “Thanks for Thanksgiving,” reviewed the story of the Pilgrims and Indians, and learned the song “Thanks to our Father” from the LDS Children’s songbook. The link is for a list of Thanksgiving songs, the blog author, Tiffany, has Scribd files for flipcharts. I used the one for Thanks to our Father.


We made turkeys out of Apples, toothpicks and fruit loops. Marshmallows are essential as end caps to keep the fruit loops on for longer than 2 seconds. A marshmallow head could also be added.


We did some counting with turkey feathers. I had the kids put eyes and a beak on their turkey body, then I would call out “Put two yellow feathers behind the turkey. Put one orange feather…take any two off…etc.”

Then I had them glue the turkey feathers behind, and they listed off what they were grateful for to write on each feather. Some kids rattled off their blessings, others just said “Mom.Dad. That’s it.” The best was one little girl said “Santa”- she’s thinking ahead!

We also did some Thanksgiving tracing and letters from this Thanksgiving Preschool Pack, and had some yummy freshly popped popcorn for a snack.


Letter J- for Jelly! And Baby Jesus! And Jumping!

For letter J we talked about jelly- we spread jelly on bread (good skill I think preschoolers should learn)


We colored in our favorite jelly onto the bread for our journal.And sang the “Peanut Butter and Jelly” song. First you take the peanuts and you smash em, you smash em…


We copied the letter J and colored in a picture of Jesus (from Friend coloring pages). We read a storybook retelling Christ’s birth.


For wiggles time we did actions relating to jumping and Christmas. I copied off action cards from Oopsey Daisy’s Christmas advent activities. I sent home a copy with all the kids so they can do it at home too. And a copy of Christmas jokes.


Last but not least, we made some simple beaded jewelry. Which I forgot to take a picure of. Whoops.

Hooray for Thanksgiving and the letter J!

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