Thursday, June 7, 2012

Around the Daley house, in the month of May….


John and I celebrated 9 years together at a local restaurant. The next weekend it was all about Mormon Prom. John’s calling in the Stake  YM  presidency warranted his participation. My friend Sarah and I crashed the party (her husband is in the presidency too). We danced a little, John and Jeremy made a few hundred snow cones, we marveled at the light show…and got a dance picture taken.

mormon promdancing

Fun times. Even if we left an hour early. Getting old I tell ya.





Other news- Leo got a haircut, everytime I cut his hair he looks like such a different kid.  He’s becoming Natalie and Sophia’s little shadow, following them around, picking up leftover cookies and doing whatever they do (if it looks fun enough). IMG_2054

Leo’s newest words are READ! and Book! So that’s what we do all the time. Natalie can’t read but has memorized most of our top books, and she tells a dang good story, so she entertains Leo.


Also, pool noodles mean lots of fun sword fights. And schools out means camping in the playroom.



Last but not least, the last day of May was the last day of school. Sophia got an award for having all A’s all year long. So proud of her and all her hard work this year.  Natalie can’t wait to go to Kindergarten next year and join in on the fun. That is, when she’s not saying she’s sad preschool is over and scared that she won’t make friends. But mostly excited.

We’ve been busy this week- chores every morning, piano and reading lessons, then a place to go and a thing to do almost every day. I’m sure I’ll do a mega post in a few weeks with evidence of all the things they’ve enjoyed.

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