Thursday, June 7, 2012

End of the Year Preschool Party


This week we celebrated the end of preschool with a get together at the Splash Pad. All the older siblings are out of school, so they came along for the lunch and party. One of my friends compiled all the teacher’s praise for each student onto a certificate, and read the comments aloud. Natalie’s focused on her enthusiasm and artistry. She was beaming the whole time.




The last day of school I had the students pose with different objects to make up the ABC’s. I took emails from the field trips and lessons throughout the year to make up all the letters, then formatted it with a simple letter and caption, 4 to a page. Printed on brochure paper (glossy two sided paper not quite as stiff as cardstock), with a laminated cover. It was a huge hit. What kid doesn’t want to see themselves in a book? It was fun to reflect on the year behind and how much they’ve grown. If I do something similar in the future I’ll be sure to put my pictures in preschool folder on my computer each time I upload pics, and email all the Moms to get pictures the last month of school.

IMG_2166abc U


Last but not least the kids presented their moms with necklaces they made from wooden beads. Here’s Natalie posing with me wearing the necklace. You know, right behind some kids head. We took more shots, but Natalie’s eyes are closed, the Daley curse. Is there a photoshop action to open kids eyes? J/K.



Hooray for preschool! It’s been a great year.

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