Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer Fun School


So, after joining pinterest, I quickly cataloged lots of great activities for the kids and I do to in the summertime. I have two main boards- Summer Fun School- Yet to try and Daley Approved Activities (things we’ve loved). We made a calendar at the start of summer of major trips and things to do


We tried everyday to do an hour of chores, then go somewhere (park or pool or shopping) and then come home and do something fun- make something, do an experiment, something to cook, something fun to do outside. And everyday tried to work on things for camp. Sound exhausting? It was.


Here’s some highlights:

We exploded Ivory soap in the microwave, then squished it, molded it and made some soaps.



We boiled up some rock candy….and it didn’t work. Sophia learned to read a recipe and helped make cookies a few times. She’d get out all the ingredients for me and was a great helper.



We stuck pool noodles onto dowel rods and made some soccer goals and truck tunnels.


IMG_2110 IMG_2161IMG_2151Fire in my belly!


We went camping with some friends and had a day of boating…while John started our fence. What a great husband.





The start of something good….



We built some forts and Sophia quickly became the designated storyteller for Leo. We made marshmallow catapults (clothespin with popsicle stick and bottle cap) while our friends were visiting. The girls loved flicking and eating the marshmallows.


Balloon volley ball was a hit…as was sitting in our pajamas all day long.


We visited the splash pad and yelled at the water with an apple in our hands. Oh wait, that’s just Leo.


Lots of bubbles and digging in the sand.





We also had some family visit- John’s sisters and their families came to visit for a wedding.





We showed our cousins the local sites- the children’s museum, the backyard of awesome little tykes toys, and some sushi. Welcome to the club Mark.




My sister came with my mom to take care of my kids while I was at camp- and ended up coming! Here she is with her vintage engagement ring power!


IMG_0150IMG_0157 IMG_0149

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