Sunday, May 31, 2009

I’m gonna live where the green grass grows….

We went on a little trip last weekend to Indiana. With no children. It was everything you’d imagine- a small purse with a phone, a wallet and some sunglasses. Eating out for 4 days BUT NO chicken nuggets. Staying up really late. Sitting around all day Sunday


Props to my Mom for taking my children. She was great. Activities every day, the park 3 times, planting flowers for me and painting pots.

She knows them on a whole new level now. I was glad to hear they drove her crazy in the same ways they drive me crazy- running away at the store, asking why 20 times, stripping naked right before we leave the house. I’ve heard kids only misbehave with people they’re comfortable around. They sure love her!

Our trip to Indiana was a “house hunting” trip. It was so hard to get up at 4 am and put on camoflauge and load all that ammo before hand. Uh, I mean…..

We looked at 11 of them. And then we picked just one. Then we made an offer. And the sellers made a counter offer.

The next morning, I talked to an acquaintance in the ward there. Turns out she knows a member who lives on that street. Who is good friends with the owner. And they got 2 offers that day. Eeek!

I saw my house slipping away. I told her to tell the sellers we LOVE the house. And we have two adorable kids. And we have a good job and will definitely not back out of the offer.

Gulp. The next 12 hours, as we made negotiations back and forth, I was sure we were going to lose out to some other moneybags who could meet all their demands.

But we didn’t. We got the house! Hurray! We are so grateful. For prayer, for our realtor’s help, and for the savings we kept over the last 2 years to buy the house. And for the Mormon Mafia.

So next time you’re looking for a house. Find people in that neighborhood. If you can’t, go introduce yourself to the neighbors and chit chat and get info, and make a good impression. It just might come in handy.

What? You want to see the house? Ok! Ok!

It's in Avon, Indiana. Open play area upstairs. Big Kitchen. 3 car garage. Office Downstairs. Big Yard. Laminate throughout. I’m so excited!

Now……who wants to come visit?


Nancy said...

Yeah! Congratulations!

Laura Butler said...

John and Jacki, I'm so excited for you guys! The house looks amazing! I'm chopping at the bit to talk to you but it's midnight your time. I'm definitely calling you tomorrow! Congrats!

Saric said...

We wanna come visit! But I don't see that happening any time soon. LOVE the house! 4 days without kids?!! Wow!

KaraLynne and Andy said...

I LOVE IT! I want to see more pictures though - the flooring looks so beautiful and the fireplace, kitchen etc. so fun! i sooo need to call you - also good work enlisting the mafia. congrats!

Carrie said...

yea!!! congratulations! that house looks HUGE. how fun to have a nice big yard and kitchen, fireplace, etc.

and how lucky you were to have a few days without kids! i've been telling brad lately that we REALLY need to take a short trip, just the two of us. it would be SO nice.

every time i try to have a conversation with him it gets cut short by boys saying, 'dad, wrestle with me', 'mom, stop talking i need to say something', 'come play with me.' it'd be nice to have a break.

it'd be even nicer to come out of a break with a brand new house! congratulations, again!

Shelly Beth said...

We will have to keep you in our "little black book" if we ever drive through Indiana. The house looks amazing and I am so happy you guys found one that you love! YEAH!

Erin said...

Congrats! That's so exciting. Do you feel so grown up? I think as soon as I get a house there's no more denying it, I'm a grown-up.

Indiana Haffners said...

So when to you move this direction? Welcome to the good old Hoosier state! :)

Jacki said...

Update: Our closing date is July 10th. It's getting closer!

Hello packing boxes, how ya doing. Let's be friends.

Amy said...

yay! congrats, but we will miss you at um, you know... well miss you! *i just refound your blog, let the cyber stalking begin!!!)

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