Saturday, September 19, 2009

Because I haven't blogged in a while and I want y'all to know I'm still alive...

BUSY little bees
The past few weeks have been jam packed. This ward and neighborhood does not let you go without having friends. S'mores parties! Potluck Dinners! Dessert nights! Block Parties! YW sleepovers! Stampin it up parties! It's awesome. If you wish you had that...then do it already, stop waiting for everyone else to organize the block party first.

Two days ago we made these pumpkins. Sophia did a feelings unit last week in preschool, so she was all about making the different emotions on each pumpkin. Good times. We hung them up with string from our loft so they greet you when you come in.

I'm a Hoosier...kindof
A few weeks ago I passed my written Driver's license test. Do you know the shape of a railway crossing sign? Maximum mph in a work zone? Well you better if you want a license in Indiana. But John and I passed. Whew. That would have been embarrassing.

Copy cats
We bought a van. It's spage age. And exactly like Mike's (John's brother who lives here in Indy). But that's not our fault, that was just the good deal on craigs list. I promise Mike, we're not life stalking you :) Here's a picture of it I took today. And thank you FHA loan, for requiring less of a down payment! Now that I have a van, I think I've exercised my faith, and now I'll just wait for my womb to do it's thang. (TMI?)

We went to the children's museum of all awesomeness last week. It was A-mazing. Sorry no pictures. I have a hard time remembering to bring a memory card AND a battery for it. Plus little time for pictures between making glass sculptures, riding the carousel and looking at dinosaurs. I'm pretty sure we'll be back 10 times this year, just enough to make you faithful readers sick of those pictures.

Where's my calendar?
This time of year leads to so much planning....the holidays, preschool lessons, and my kid's birthday parties. We're going with Butterflies for Sophia this year....and I'm super excited. Especially since I wiped out the dollar store's wing stack. Hooray for me.

I've put decorating the house on the back burner, it's just too much to think about when I'm just trying to get everyone to preschool on time and in appropriate clothing with nothing on their face. But I'm in dire need of new window treatments for the whole house. What do you think of windows with just the wooden white blinds and no curtains? Does it look stark or polished? If I leave them on too much longer, people are going to start thinking I like the former owner's decorating atrocities.

Well that's my report. I'm off to re hem snow white's dress and watch it at the same time.... (Heigh Ho, Heigh's off to work I go...)

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Indy Daleys said...

Ha! Loved this post. You're so funny. Now stop life stalking us please!

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