Friday, September 4, 2009

Organization and Orchards

This week has been a little busy. In a good way.

picked raspberries and apples

went to a park for Family Home Evening with Holly

painted an entertainment center and added shelves

Made some good looking organization with peanut butter containers and DCWV citrus stack...

ran a church youth improv night at the last minute

Tj Maxxed it out

went to a birthday party for a friend

hosted some friends on their way through town

AND this weekend my parents are coming into town.

I think we might go raspberry picking again. Double the hands=half the work.

Today I have nothing that HAS to be done in the next 24 hours. It feels so good.

1 comment:

Saric said...

2 things I love...that you guys always go berry picking (I want to go), and your entertainment center. I love the color you chose. I need something like that for my kiddies playroom.

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