Sunday, October 25, 2009

Culinary Rollercoaster: 24 hours

First a low point- When it rains, a bunch of worms end up in our garage. Does this happen to anyone else? All the lovely smell of rain is drowned out by the smell of something dying.

High point- doctor's office visits that end at 4:30= Panda Express. Love my doctor's office close proximity to that chow mein and veggie roll goodness.

Then, another high point: This sweet and salty concoction at a local Halloween festival.

You can see Sophia stuffing her face, and what you can't see is me shooing them away to go play at the park so I can eat it all alone. Anybody have a good recipe for kettle corn? It's trumping caramel corn right now for me. And that says a lot.

Then lunch today. Low point on this culinary rollercoaster. Watching Sophia dip green grapes into ketchup. Ketchup is kind of gross in my book to begin with (go mustard!) But with grapes? to quote the 1980s- Gag me with a spoon.

Luckily I overcame any tendency to throw up with this amazing sandwich. It's my favorite.

Here's the recipe:
French bread, sliced thin
Olive oil on each piece
Sprinkle parmesean cheese liberally
Sprinkle a pinch of garlic and italian seasoning
Cover with thin-ish slice of tomato
Add slice of mozzarella or Swiss or Monterrey jack cheese

Melt butter in the pan, grill it on low heat. More time for that butter to seep into the bread.
Thank me later. It's gourmet tasting, includes a vegetable, and melts in your mouth.

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