Saturday, October 17, 2009

Preschool Happenings

Hey moms with preschool kids? Bored outside? Got some chalk?

Then draw a zoo! See our path, and purple/yellow lion and pink snake?

This activity is an exercise in patience for my kids. Apparently they weren't aware that I don't know how to draw every animal exactly like it appears in cartoons. I attempted to draw a giraffe, to which Natalie started whining, saying it looked funny.

Then Sophia said- "It looks like a camel."

John and I laughed. It's either that, or cry because your child is right.

We also drew a path all around the driveway. The kids had fun trying to stay on the path and not tip the bike over.

On Wednesday, preschool was at my house. Theme? Letter H.

H is for Halloween House.

They're graham cracker houses with candy corn decorations. And some marshmallow snow men.

I remember my roommate in college making an awesome Halloween house with her now husband. Their house had a graveyard, ghosts, and looked genuine. Ours look like confused gingerbread houses. Though I must say, when do graham cracker houses ever stay perfectly straight? It adds to the whole creepy and crooked look of haunted houses, right?

H is also for Hopcotch. And R is for Rain, which is why this hopscotch is in my kitchen.

On Friday we did Transportation. We talked about different kids, and made these paper towel tube airplanes. They're for modeling purposes only, they don't fly. (Paper towel tubes with slits cut and cardstock wings pulled through. Easy!)

We also made boats out of apple, pretzel and marshmallow. Delicious. Apple and pretzel combo is inspired, I swear.

We also played "Red Light Green Light" and then had a discussion about what happens if you run a red light (crash!). And sang Wheels on the Bus, and an alternate version with different types of transportation (the train on the tracks goes chug chug chug, race car-zoom, boat-toot toot, bike-pedal, stroller-push).

It was a good time. Don't you wish you could hang out with 5 preschoolers?


Laura Butler said...

I love the preschool activities. You sound like you used to be a professional preschool teacher or something! :) I also love the autumn photo shoot. We're excited to see you guys soon!

Amy said...

ugh. welcome to my life (except i get to hang out with 15 preschoolers!) jealous? I knew it!!! we miss you guys! post new craft projects for me to do!

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