Sunday, October 11, 2009

Finally! Something is finished!

Ever have months were all you do is work at something and it never ends so you feel like you never have anything to show? Just progress? So that applies to college degrees, pregnancies....and crafts!

Here's what has been "in progress" for a while. Some for over a year. I finally have something to show for it!

Snow white dress! I still have the cape to do, and it's not on a kid because that means I'm risking it getting ruined before crappy picture here we are!

Isn't it beautiful? Yes, Yes I know. I was so inspired to buy this version and start it a year ago and have it be two sizes too big for Natalie. Still only fits Sophia. Don't you wish you could follow Butterick patterns too? Baste? Zipper foot? I swear it's like learning another language.

And isn't this hem just beautiful? I did it twice. Once by my own method. FAIL. Then I followed their instructions, which involved ironing, serging, basting, gathering, pinning then sewing. Way more complicated, but way less embarassing looking. Snow white wouldn't have been caught in the forest with 7 little men and a ruffled hem. No Maam! (as Natalie would say..)

Made this yesterday at Super Saturday. I need a ribbon and to wait two months...then it will be on my front door. Or inside if I can convince John that wreaths don't have to be on doors.

And this was the craft I taught at Super Saturday. 2 inch wooden blocks from 6 photo lab prints. Modge Podge. And some cutting and pasting and sealing....and you've got a puzzle block! I was thinking about doing temple pictures or gospel picture art, or other pictures that fit your kid's interest.

Any craft progression in your neck of the woods?

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