Saturday, February 5, 2011

All the time in the world…

I stayed at home all week and started exercising, so we had time for radio, movies while I craft and make dinner and reading when the kids are in bed…

This week I listened to NPR stories about this book…

Cinderella ate my daughter: by Peggy Orenstein


The author’s main beef with the Princess franchise, is that it primes girls to think only about their appereance and be so focused on it from a young age, that they morph into tweens that wear teenage girl clothes, and teenagers that are overly sexualized and over materialized. I see that phenomenon happening, but I’m not sold on the idea that it is because of Cinderella at age 3. But I see it.

After listening to this piece on NPR, I watched the Bachelor. This week one woman got a shopping spree and could buy whatever she wanted- and she said it was the best day of her life. Really? Those women’s comments all throughout the process of competing for the Bachelor are laced with fairy tale language. Common phrases include: my journey, he spoils me, soulmate, special connection, my whole life is leading up to this point, waiting for someone to sweep me off my feet. All contributing to this idea that it’s a story, they’re a character, and we’re just waiting for the climax to happen. I love to hate it and hate to love it. Guess it’s the social psychiatrist in me, it’s like a experiment gone really wrong, with lots of makeup and roses.

Also had time for…“Conversations” on (love the Everything Creative discussions and Scripture stories for kids too)

We had this out from the library, and watched some for some homeschool points this week:

Life by BBC and Discovery Channel- it’s like Planet Earth, the sequel. My kids were riveted most of the time. Kind of jarring to do while Yoga though, must admit. Trying to relax and then watching a cheetah chase down an ostrich just doesn't work so much. :)

Life (2009)

I finished the last episode of this series, Season 1…

Downton Abbey on Masterpiece Theater-


I loved a lot of things about this series, and then I hated the ending of the season. Left me with a pit in my stomach. I hate it when people sabotage each other and are intentionally hurtful. I need a happy ending, it’s hard to think people are really that mean, and see no redemption or hope for improvement. But as always, loved the dresses they wore.

And last but not least, I started this book…

Temple of Jerusalem: Past Present and Future by John M Lundquist51O yuwySxL._SL500_AA300_

I’m 1/3 of the way into this book. Written by a Mormon historian, but a pure historical record about the Temple of Jerusalem. Great background and indepth analysis of apographya writings about the Temple, archaeological sites that shed light on it, etc. The one thing I don’t like- his formatting and transistions are terrible. I have to constanstly remind myself of what the line of thinking is and what logic he’s following- he doesn’t lead the reader through the material as much as I’d like.

Wow. I really did do other things this week than make stuff and watch TV, I promise!

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